Archiving Option backup fails because vault stores or index locations cannot be put into backup mode


Backup Exec cannot place the Archiving Option vault stores or index locations into backup mode. For Archival Option protection, the Enterprise Vault Agent applies Backup mode to the vault store and to the index location. Backup mode helps create consistent backups of the Enterprise Vault entities. 

Error Message



"Backup Exec cannot place the Archiving Option vault stores or index locations into backup mode. Ensure that the selection is valid for a backup operation, and then try the job again."



I. COM initialization did not function correctly.


II. The Enterprise Vault Agent failed to update the backup mode of the entities selected for backup.


III. The Enterprise Vault entities are already in Backup mode.




I. The Enterprise Vault Agent uses the Enterprise Vault Bridge component for backup mode-related operations. If the COM component does not register correctly, or other COM issues occur, this error may appear. Ensure that the user running backup jobs has enough privileges to actually run the backup jobs. See the Backup Exec Administrator’s Guide for details. Also ensure that the Backup Exec installation is not corrupt.


II. The Enterprise Vault Agent assigns a unique ID (also known as an entry ID) to each entity. This unique ID is used to enable or disable Backup Mode. If the Enterprise Vault Agent fails to find the entry ID, the Enterprise Vault Agent reports this error.

Verify that the selected entity is valid and physically present. With Enterprise Vault, try to enable or disable the entity’s Backup Mode by using the Enterprise Vault Administrator Console.


III. If an Enterprise Vault entity is already in Backup mode, then the Enterprise Vault Agent skips the backup of the entity. It assumes some other operation such as an Enterprise Vault backup or another Enterprise Vault operation is presently processing the entity. If no other operation is in progress, disable Backup mode for all Enterprise Vault entities by using the Backup Exec Utility.

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