Enterprise Vault Reporting fails to generate the reports 'Vault Store Usage by Archive' and 'Vault Store Usage by Billing Account'


From the Enterprise Vault Reporting services it is not possible to generate the reports 'Vault Store Usage by Archive' and 'Vault Store Usage by Billing Account' 

Error Message

An error occurred during client rendering.

An error has occurred during report processing (rsProcessingAborted).

Query execution failed for dataset 'VaultStoreDetailsByArchiveName' or 'VaultStoreDetailsByBillingAccount'

For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors

Figure 1

Figure 2


This could occur if at least one user previously enabled for mailbox archiving is being deleted from Active Directory (AD), the consequence is that the 'Billing usage to' for the corresponding mailbox archive contains the user SID (Account Unknown);

Figure 3



In order to overcome the issue it is possible to identify the archives reporting the 'Account Unknown (\SID...)' in the 'Billing Usage to' field

Figure 4

From the archive properties change the "Billing usage to' with a valid NT account (such as the Vault System Account)

Figure 5

After the change it is reccomended to restart the Enterprise Vault Services and the IIS service on the EV server

NOTE:  The "Bill Usage To" field in the properties of the affected archives (archives whose AD account has been deleted) may also be blank.  To search for a list of all archives that may be affected, use the following SQL query:


Use EnterpriseVaultDirectory

Select * From Root

Where ContainerRootIdentity is Null AND OwningTrusteeIdentity is Null


This issue has been addressed in the following releases:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.3

Enterprise Vault 10.0.1  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC5474  


Applies To

Enterprise Vault 9.0.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.2, and 10.0.0.

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