When backing up virtual machine using NBD transport mode the job fails with "unable to copy vmware virtual machine disk using Vmware VixDisklib"

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Backup of virtual machines using the NBD transport mode fails with the following error.


Error Message


Final error: 0xe0009578 - Unable to copy the virtual machine disk using the VMware VixDiskLib.
Final error category: Resource Errors

V-79-57344-38264 – Unable to copy the virtual machine disk using the VMware VixDiskLib. VixDiskLib_Read() reported the error: Unknown error
BEREMOTE LOG (Backup Exec server):
[5752] 03/04/11 12:57:37 [fsys\vmvcb] - VM_VCBPROXY_FS::GetNextDiskChangeInfoExtent() Node name: 'ChangeArea' offset: (0x01048576) length: (0x3300131328)
[7464] 03/04/11 12:57:40 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-DSCPTR: Opened [0]: "Master 2008 (25G)-000001.vmdk" (0x1a)
[7464] 03/04/11 12:57:40 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-LINK : Opened '\\.pdvfs\SNAS\2\BEData\IMG000117\Master 2008 (25G)-000001.vmdk' (0x1a): monolithicSparse, 52428800 sectors / 25 GB.
[7464] 03/04/11 12:57:40 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-LIB : Opened "\\.pdvfs\SNAS\2\BEData\IMG000117\Master 2008 (25G)-000001.vmdk" (flags 0x1a).
[7228] 03/04/11 12:57:40 [fsys\shared] - The disk '\\.pdvfs\SNAS\2\BEData\IMG000117\Master 2008 (25G)-000001.vmdk' is using the transport mode 'file'.
[7228] 03/04/11 12:57:40 [fsys\vmvcb\pdi] - VM_VCBPROXY_PDI_FS::OpenObj(): Got file: Master 2008 (25G)-000001.vmdk
[7228] 03/04/11 12:57:40 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-DDB : "longContentID" = "70fe63909f0ba0b4e7f2bf4ed26df717" (was "9df4e7dd1886186e1003f6a61de0d1ef")
[5752] 03/04/11 12:58:58 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Warn: [NFC ERROR] NfcNetTcpRead: bRead: -1
[5752] 03/04/11 12:58:58 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Warn: [NFC ERROR] NfcFssrvrRecv: failed with code = 8
[5752] 03/04/11 12:58:58 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Warn: [NFC ERROR] NfcFssrvr_DiskIo: failed to receive read data
[5752] 03/04/11 12:58:58 [fsys\shared] - VDDK-Log: DISKLIB-LIB : RWv failed ioId: #5605 (290) (34) .
[5752] 03/04/11 12:58:58 [fsys\vmvcb] - VM_VCBPROXY_FS::ReadObj() Could not read the disk '[DS12_RAID5] FTP/Master 2008 (25G)-000001.vmdk' start Sector: '358213', Num of sectors: '128' Error Text: 'Unknown error' Error: '1245540515841'
[5752] 03/04/11 12:58:58 [ndmp\loops] - LP_ENV::MsgError: error 0xe0009578 processing object FTP\Master 2008 (25G)-000001.vmdk


The error is triggered by routing issues between Backup Exec server and the ESX server.


Verify the network card drivers, firmware and the latest version for the Media Server, Storage Array, and ESX Server (If Storage Array is attached to ESX, then just ESX)

Also check if the Backup Exec server is on a different VLAN than the ESX server if it is , move the Backup Exec server to the same VLAN as the ESX server.

Note: As per article : TECH167791this issue is been taken care by Service Pack 2 on Backup Exec 2010 R3



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