VERITAS File System (VxFS) 3.3.3 - Patch 01


VERITAS File System (VxFS) 3.3.3 - Patch 01


In addition to several non-critical issues that are resolved in this patch, VERITAS has uncovered and fully resolved two additional issues that we feel are serious in nature.  A third issue, incident 45311 has not been fixed in patch01, though this TechFile previously stated that it was.These issues are rare (corner cases) and the vast majority of File System customers WILL NOT be exposed to these issues. However, because there is even the slightest possible chance that you could run into this problem, our proactive support approach necessitates that we notify you of these issues.

VERITAS encourages all customers to upgrade to the current version of VxFS, which is 3.4patch02 (as of January, 2002), for better stability, performance and quality.  Customers remaining on VxFS 3.3.3 should apply patch 01.  The VxFS 3.3.3 patch01 is a cumulative patch and contains all fixes made since the VxFS 3.3.3 GA release (see README.108476-01, README.108477-01, README.109298-01, or README.109299-01 for more details). The README files are included in the patch package.

In order to upgrade to version 3.3.3, you need to remove any previously installed patches (showrev -p|grep VRTS will show if you have any VERITAS patches installed) and older versions of VRTSvxfs and VRTSqio packages. Then you need to add VRTSvxfs and VRTSqio version 3.3.3 and install the patch suitable for your Solaris release:
108476-01 for Solaris 2.5.1
108477-01 for Solaris 2.6
109298-01 for Solaris 7
109299-01 for Solaris 8.

This patch can also be applied to the following Editions:
* Database Edition 2.1.1 for Oracle
* Database Replication Option 2.1.1 for Oracle
* Database Edition 1.3.1 for Sybase
* File Server Edition 5.1
These Editions are based on VxFS 3.3.3 and this patch has been verified with the Editions.

Here are the two serious new issues addressed by patch 01 and the third issue which was not addressed:

Issue One (VERITAS Incident Number 43726):

I/O requests to a VxFS larger than 128K on a PCI IDE disk subsystem attached to Sun Workstation(s) (Ultra-5/Ultra-10) can cause a system panic on a write operation or system hang on a read operation. This issue is limited to IDE disks only and, as of this writing, the only two Sun work stations that have IDE drives are Ultra-5 and Ultra-10's. Many backup utilities such as NetBackup can initiate large I/O requests for optimal performance and are susceptible to this condition.

Issue Two (VERITAS Incident Number 46793):

An "out of inodes" or "blocks are currently in use" error occurred while trying to shrink a large file system using the fsadm command. This only affects VxFS using quotas and an attempt is made to resize the file system to a smaller size.

Issue Three (VERITAS Incident Number 45311):  

    Incident 45311 is NOT fixed in VxFS 3.3.3 Patch01.  Original publication of this TechFile listed Incident 45311 as fixed in VxFS 3.3.3 Patch01.   Fix for incident 45311 never made it to Patch01.  It is,  however,  fixed in VxFS 3.4 and above.  If it is not possible to upgrade to VxFS 3.4,  then there is also a workaround.  The workaround is to use a modified fsck binary for Solaris 2.6 and 7 only.  Please contact VERITAS Technical Support to request fsck binary.

An "invalid size" error for the ilist inodes is displayed while running a full fsck on a VxFS file system that has grown beyond 2 gigabytes in size. This may prevent the file system from being mounted. Because the largefiles flag on the primary fileset was not set automatically, the error reported that the primary inode had an invalid size. This is a corner case situation that can occur after a VxFS upgrade from a previous version of VxFS that did not use the largefiles flag and the inode structural file had exceeded 2 gigabytes.

Here are the two critical issues that were addressed in patch 02 for VxFS 3.3.2 and are also incorporated into patch 01 for VxFS 3.3.3:

Issue Four (VERITAS Incident Number 39067):

Under certain conditions, a problem could occur on a system that crashed soon after a file system resize or file system reorganization because VxFS was not adequately processing extended operations, resulting in inodes being marked BAD and the following console message:

vxfs: mesg 017: vx_iread_1 - %s file system inode %d marked bad

Note this behavior has been observed only under the rare condition where there was a hardware crash or unclean shutdown during or immediately after a resize or reorg of the file system and has only been reported one time to VERITAS Technical Support.

Issue Five (VERITAS Incident Number 39068):

In certain circumstances full file system checks were not properly detecting DIRTY file systems. This processing failure lead to corruption on file systems that required extended operations, for example those that were resized.

Note this behavior has been observed only under the rare condition where there was a hardware crash or unclean shutdown during or immediately after a resize or reorg of the file system.

What to do if at Risk:
All previous versions of VERITAS File System need to be upgraded to 3.3.3 and the fs.333-patch01 needs to be applied.

Please Note: If you plan to use VRTSvxfs and Quick I/O (VRTSqio), make sure that both of these packages are installed before installing this patch. And if the patch is installed when only VRTSvxfs is installed and VRTSqio needs to be added later, this patch must first be removed, VRTSqio added, and then the patch re-installed.

Read the file for further information and the location and/or file name of the actual patch.

After downloading, uncompressing, and untarring the patch:

If you are running Solaris 2.5.1:
- cd /3.3.3-patch01/sol2_5_1
- ./108476-01/installpatch 108476-01

If you are running Solaris 2.6:
- make sure you have Sun patch 106125-08 installed
- cd /3.3.3-patch01/sol2_6
- /usr/sbin/patchadd 108477-01

If you are running Solaris 7:
- make sure you have Sun patch 107171-04 installed
- cd /3.3.3-patch01/sol_7
- /usr/sbin/patchadd 109298-01

If you are running Solaris 8:
- cd /3.3.3-patch01/sol_8
- /usr/sbin/patchadd 109299-01

For all Solaris revisions do the following:
-cd /usr/lib/fs/vxfs
-chown root vxdump
-chgrp bin vxdump

Reboot the system for the patch to take effect.

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