Engineering Hotfix Bundle NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01 provides fixes to NetBackup (tm) PureDisk

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Engineering Hotfix Bundle NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01 provides fixes to NetBackup (tm) PureDisk



Name: NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01

Date: March 16, 2011



This Engineering Binary provides features and fixes to the NetBackup

PureDisk Remote Office Edition 6.6 software.


WARNING: When you apply this Engineering Binary, all PureDisk services stop

         and start.  This can cause running jobs to abort.







Install PureDisk before you install this Engineering Binary.







This Engineering Binary is a rollup of fixes thare were released in EEB14, EEB20 to EEB30 


(Internal reference: ET 2286421, Titan: nnn-nnn-nnn)



- ET2073129:

  PureDisk, and PDDO replication improvement  



  - PDDO concurrent backup and data removal for NBU 6.5.X

  - PDDO direct replication for NBU 6.5.X

* PDDO replication tasks will only transfer data, no meta-data

* Replication data selections ([R] PDDO) are no longer used)

* No PDDO replication jobs will be visible in the GUI during optimized


* Log file: /Storage/log/rep.log

  - PDDO replication caching fixes for NBU 6.5.X (increased performance)

  - Improved PDDO replication/optimized duplication statistics

  - Improved NBU image cleanup of PDDO images for NBU 6.5.X

  - Case-insensitive PDDO plug-in for NBU 6.5.X



PureDisk 6.6 UI logon does not accept passwords containing '$' character for external LDAP accounts residing in Active Directory domains.



Request to create an EEB to move 'ChangeIPTables' from cron to /etc/init.d/pdiptables.

ChangeIPTables will no longer be run ever 5 minutes from cron, only when "pdiptables change" is run



- Problem description:

  Increasing number of PDDO replication jobs. Each replication increases the number of jobs initiated by 1.

  Results in many jobs started for a single replication.

- Fix:

  Enable the user to select PDDO dataselection when creating PDDO replication policy.

  The bi-directional replication only works at the dataselection level.



- ET 2183633, Titan 413-009-871:

  Rerouting failed with assertion error:

    Tested expression: lseek(m_fd, 0, 1) == m_offset

    Function: cr_status_t Cr_Rerouter::SeekContainer(off_t)

    File    : /root/pbe/


- ET 2048086, Titan 412-162-504:

  If the connection to storage (Fibre, iSCSI, etc.) is ever lost and re-established,

  it becomes unusable.


- ET 2069555, Titan 412-363-095:

  Rerouting fails with "Could not process ...: invalid argument"

  or "25002: Could not get dc offset for entry ..."

  due to PlaceHolderSOs and FPs that were marked as 'corrupt' before



- ET 2043474 : Restored folder gets named with wrong symbols if it contains special characters in the folder name, E.g. French grave, accent, or German umlaut viz: { Gépek eszközök }



- ET 2221041 : Not able to choose dataselection in data removal policy



- ET 2109691 : error occurs when attempting to view alerts page


nested exception is: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: An invalid XML character

(Unicode: 0xe) was found in the element content of the document.:Unable to view

all critical alerts


Looking in the events table the following is present

"Warning: 103: Invalid PO: unable to extract value from '\x03' for type ..."



1. Add "Confirm" message box on the last page of wizard when it is a re-installation.

2. A summary on last page of wizard about which action is going to be taken (But only shows

   summary when it is re-installation)

3. Fix incorrect warning message shows at "Broker configuration" page.



- LDAP connection time outs during cleanupLDAPUsersFromPDDO.php

- Prevent creation of PDDO LDAP users on target replication SPA



- Problem description:

Images with a large number of fragments (>20) duplicated successfully, but not

all files are imported on the target PureDisk MBE database. This results in

verification and restore issue on the second copy.


- Issue details in pdplugin/bpdm log:

PDVFS: [4] PdvfsMBSet: PdvfsMBSet exit, found: (0) files

get_imh_files_metadata_ws returned:(0) err=OK

get_imh_files_metadata_ws PO count mismatch expected 0 but got 4 (2060013)




These features and fixes are only available when using with one of the following

1.  NetBackup 6.5.x

2.  NetBackup 7.0.x + EEB from ET2233961


- This EEB requires PD prior to installation.


- A 'client agent update' job will NOT be created for PDDO agents. Please

follow the procedure 'Upgrading PDDO client agents on Media Servers'.


- PureDisk Client agents in this package can NOT be used to upgrade the PDDO plug-in

on NetBackup media servers 7.0 or higher.







1.  Use rcp or scp to copy the tar file, NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01.tar,

    to the /root directory of the PureDisk node that hosts the storage pool authority.


2.  Log on as root to the node that hosts the storage pool authority.


3.  Type cd /root to go to the /root directory.


4.  Type the following command to verify the integrity of the Engineering Binary:


        md5sum /root/NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01.tar


    This command computes the md5 checksum of the Engineering Binary.

    It should match the one mentioned by support or on the support website.


    If you obtain a different checksum, the Engineering Binary was corrupted during

    download. Try to download the Engineering Binary again.


5.  Type the following command to extract the README file:


        tar -C / -xf /root/NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01.tar ./NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01.README






1.  Make sure that no PureDisk jobs are currently running or are scheduled to be run.


2.  Log out from the Web UI.


3.  (Conditional) Freeze PD service groups for clustered PD server.


    Perform this step if the storage pool is installed with VCS cluster

    software.  Use the Cluster Manager Java Console, and freeze all the service



    For information about how to freeze and unfreeze clustered storage pools,

    see the NetBackup PureDisk Storage Pool Installation Guide.


4.  Type the following command to unpack the Engineering Binary software:


        tar -C / -xmf /root/NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01.tar ./opt


5.  Type the following command to run and install the Engineering Binary:




    If the topology.ini file is encrypted, the software prompts you for the

    password to decrypt this file.


    The Engineering Binary automatically pushes the software to all nodes in the

    storage pool and to all clients.


    At the end of a successful installation, the software prompts you to encrypt

    the topology.ini file.


6.  (Conditional) Unfreeze PD service groups for clustered PD server.


    Perform this step if the storage pool is installed with VCS cluster



    The Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) software might detect some faults

    during the upgrade process.  If any upgrade actions generate a VCS fault,

    use the Cluster Manager Java Console to clear the fault and probe that

    resource group before you unfreeze the cluster.


7.  Monitor the client agent update jobs.


    Take the following actions to monitor the client agent upgrade jobs:


    A.  Invoke the Web UI.

    B.  Click the Workflows tab.

    C.  Select the Agent update workflow.


    If one of the upgrade jobs fails, PureDisk deactivates those client agents.

    You will need to activate these agents again and to select the client to

    upgrade to. Follow the steps below:


    A.  Invoke the Web UI.

    B.  Click the Data management tab.

    C.  In the middle pane, select the 'Deactivated client agents by storage pool' view,

        which is the third view from the left.

    D.  Select the 'storage pool' level in the middle pane

        and choose 'Activate Agents' from the left hand pane.

    E.  Refresh the middle pane.

        It will switch back to the default view with all clients.

    F.  Select the 'storage pool' level in the middle pane

        and choose 'Upgrade Agents' from the left hand pane.

        Choose the version you want to upgrade to.


    Monitor these upgrade jobs again, start over if they fail or time-out.


8.  Upgrade the PDDO agent software on PDDO media server clients


    Perform the procedure called "UPGRADING PDDO AGENTS ON MEDIA SERVER

    CLIENTS", which follows.  The release update includes upgraded

    PDDO agents for Linux, Solaris, and Windows clients. 






1.  Make sure that the storage pool software for the PDDO clients has been



2.  Refresh the PureDisk landing page.


    The landing page can be found on:




    For <your-puredisk-spa>, type the hostname or the IP address of your

    PureDisk Storaga Pool Authority.


    Be aware that this release update includes both the PureDisk 6.6

    base release agents and revised agents for Linux, Solaris, and Windows

    clients.  The revised agents include updates for PDDO agent installation

    only.  A later step in this procedure instructs you to download the

    revised agents if you want to upgrade the PDDO agent on a client.


3.  Log in to each PDDO client.


4.  From the PDDO media server client, download the new PDDO agent software.


    The landing page includes more than one software version of the PDDO

    agent, so take care to download the most recent agent.  


5.  Stop all NetBackup services on the NetBackup media server. 


6.  Install the agent software included with this release update.


    * On Windows systems, double-click the PureDisk agent icon.  This starts

      the Windows installation Wizard.


    * On Linux or Solaris systems, you can use either the attended or the

      unattended installation method.  The installer prompts you to confirm

      the upgrade.  For example, type the following command to upgrade the

      Solaris 10 agent:


      # sh


      For NNNNN, type the name of the PureDisk upgrade release number.


    NOTE:  The upgrade software removes the old PDDO agent software



    For more information about how to install the PDDO agent, see the

    NetBackup PureDisk Deduplication Option Guide.


7.  Start all the NetBackup services on the NetBackup media server. 





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