NB_7.1_ET2256525_2 is a NetBackup Hotfix for Windows Clients

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Fixes Included: 


(ET 2118052)  bpbkar32.exe producing Application Fault during dfsr backups on Windows 2008 and 2008R2 Core.


(ET 2140765) (WIN32 13 The data is invalid) randomly when backing up files.

(ET 2149421) ET 2015296 causes backup of SCC to end with Status 156


(ET 2256536) (System state backup of Windows Server 2008 (non-R2) fails with status 1 as system state backup is returning FS_SKIP_OBJECT when backing up ASR files) issue caused by the implementation of uEFI boot partition.


(ET 2258750) bpbkar32.exe causes very High CPU Utilization on Windows 2008 hosts


(ET 2302739) (-528/-528 The current log file is missing) still occurring in NBU 7.1


Additional information on each of these issues is available in the Related Documents listed below.



All fixes included in this bundle are included in the following releases, all of which are publicly available:

  • NetBackup 7.1 Maintenance Release 3 (
  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 6 (
  • NetBackup 7.6 GA (

Note: This article contains legacy information only.  This hotfix is no longer publicly available , as its fixes are included in a more recent NetBackup release.  If this issue is experienced, the supported resolution is to upgrade NetBackup to the latest version and apply the latest maintenance release.

Veritas Bug ID: 2256525
Version:  NetBackup_7.1 

Installation Location:  Windows Client


Note:  This package is intended to address a specific condition or issue within an environment which meets the criteria documented above.  DO NOT install this package if your environment is not experiencing the specific issue or does not match the criteria in which the issue could occur.

Installation Instructions: 
Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available on  https://www.veritas.com/docs/000035801

Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:

eebinstaller.2256525.2.AMD64.exe            Windows x64
eebinstaller.2256525.2.x86.exe              Windows x86


File checksum:
1758283618 2387968 AMD64/bedsnt5.dll
2627135689 1991168 AMD64/bedsshadow.dll
3582370270 1012224 AMD64/ubsnt.dll
572234515 67072 AMD64/nbfs_lib.dll
4184964850 2167296 AMD64/bpbkar32.exe
482281193 23040 AMD64/W2KOption.exe
991560656 1403904 AMD64/tar32.exe
411836192 1757696 x86/bedsnt5.dll
1395101351 1439232 x86/bedsshadow.dll
3749155254 876544 x86/ubsnt.dll
2837944894 57344 x86/nbfs_lib.dll
1941813573 1671168 x86/bpbkar32.exe
3907868936 21504 x86/W2KOption.exe
1339715839 1155072 x86/tar32.exe

Recommended service state: 

No backup should be running on the NetBackup Client during installation





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