Duplicate jobs targeted to (Tape, B2D folder, or Deduplication ) devices stay queued even though there is a device available.

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When running multiple duplicate jobs to a library with multiple tape devices available only one duplicate job will run at the time. The other duplicate jobs will be sitting in the Job Monitor with the status "Queued".  This is also observered when the duplicate job targets a Backup to disk (B2D) or deduplication folder.

This issue is primarly seen when the backup set which is to be duplicated contains GRT (Granular Recovery Technology) sets or had GRT enabled.


Error Message

The following output is observed in the Backup Exec bengine debug log:

BENGINE:  [Date Time] [Thread ID]     Date Time [server]             - SetCopyJob: Releasing lock on mount semaphore in destructor. Should have been done already. 
BESERVER: [Date Time] [Thread ID]     Date Time 16 JobManager::DoJobCompletionTasks(Duplicate Job Name): GetFinalJobStatus()=19 
BENGINE:  [Date Time] [Thread ID]     Date Time [server]             - SetCopyJob::MountDstDevice: Lock acquired.




This issue is resolved in Backup Exec 2010 R3 release.

This issue is resolved in Backup Exec 2010 R2 hotfix ( 154003 ).  See Related Documents.




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