Missing disks display on Veritas Enterprise Administrator(VEA) GUI on passive node with Windows Server Failover Cluster software(WSFC) environment.

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There is a mirrored volume created between EMC array and HP EVA4100 array.The disks within EVA4100 array display "Missing Disk" on VEA GUI on WSFC's passive node while cluster dynamic disk group is imported on active node.But group failover is successful.The scenario is the same on new passive node after group switched.

If the dg only has HP EVA4100 disks,cluster dynamic disk group name on VEA GUI will disappear after run rescan.

Error Message

 1. vxdiag log shows the following error for HP EVA4100 disk

---------- \Device\Harddisk6 ----------

NtOpenDirectoryObject '\Device\Harddisk6' failed (Status c0000034)

---------- Partition Table Info Disk 6 ----------

Cannot open disk drive "\\.\PhysicalDrive6" (error 2)


Wrong EVA host connection setting by HP StorageWorks Command View EVA software.


According to document "Implementing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 on HP ProLiant servers" as below


Storage requirements
Ensure that the following conditions are met for failover clusters:

  1.  Because improvements in failover clusters require that the storage respond correctly to specific SCSI commands, the storage must follow the SCSI Primary Commands-3 (SPC-3) standard. In particular, the storage must support Persistent Reservations as specified in the SPC-3 standard.
  2. The miniport driver used for the storage must work with the Microsoft Storport storage driver.
  3.  Servers from different clusters must not be able to access the same storage devices (isolate storage devices, one cluster per device). In most cases, a Logical Unit Number (LUN) that is used for one set of cluster servers should be isolated from all other servers through LUN masking or zoning.

Before starting, the storage administrator must configure several shared LUNs. It is important that all cluster nodes have access to the LUNs, and that the host connections are configured to follow the SPC-3 standard.

Configuring EVA host connections

Make sure the Windows LH Host mode is enabled for each node on the Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) through command view. Depending on what command view you have installed, if in the drop-down there is no "Microsoft Windows LH" then choose custom and type in the custom type field the following HEX number 00000004198009A8 (Figure 1). If the wrong connection type is configured, you cannot share the disks between the cluster nodes and the cluster check will fail with a non-SCSI-3 compliant message.

Figure 1. Configuring EVA host properties

Missing Disk issue has been solved after set custom type field the following HEX number 00000004198009A8

It also needs to check if FW of HP EVA4100 is 5030 or higher according to HCL as below.


Applies To

Windows 2008 R2 with WSFC


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