User created folder structures are not maintained when exporting archives to NSF with EVDominoExporter


When exporting Domino archives to an NSF file, user-created folders are not created in the destination NSF file with EVDominoExporter.
The items exported in the NSF databases can be seen only in 'All documents' and and 'Sent' containers.



This is expected behavior when exporting to a new database. If the folder a message originated in doesn't already exist in the destination NSF, EVDominoExporter cannot create it.


In order to restore messages to the appropriate folders, those folders need to already exist in the destination NSF.
This can be accomplished by either exporting the messages to the user's existing mail file, or by making an empty copy of the user's mail file with folders included, and exporting to that.

In order to make an empty copy of the user's mail file perform the following:

From the Files tab of the Domino Administrator:

  1. Select the desired mail file that is being copied
  2. Select  File=>Application=>New Copy
  3. Set 'Specify what to copy' = 'Application design only'

    This will create a blank database. The collection of note IDs that belong with each folder will also be copied. Then when the EVDominoExporter is run, the note IDs from the restored items will match up with the collection of each folder and appear in the proper location. If you make a new copy and select 'Specify what to copy' = 'Application design and documents' and then select 'All Documents' in the copy of the mail file, then subsequently delete all items from the new copy prior to running EVDominoExporter, the note IDs associated with the folders will be removed from the new copy, and the export will not have the desired results.
  4. For best performance, move the new copy of the mail file to the Enterprise Vault server where EVDominoExporter is being run.
  5. Run the EVDominoExporter, and export to the new copy of the mail file.

    This solution assume the mail file contains the same folders as the archive. If, for instance, an item was orginally archived in folder 1 and the user later deleted both the shortcut to the archived item and folder 1 from their mail file, the EVDominoExporter will not recreate the folder and put the item back into it. Additionally, if the user deleted a shortcut from the folder, but the left the folder intact, EVDominoExporter will not put the item back into the folder.

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