A Duplicate Backup job of a Sharepoint Content Database hangs at the 'Updating Catalogs' Stage

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A duplicate backup job of Sharepoint content databases may hang or take excessively long during the 'updating catalogs' stage as displayed in the Job Monitor view. 


The 'updating catalogs' phase of a Sharepoint duplicate backup is where the content database(s) is/are browsed to determine all the granular objects and containers within the database.  The catalogs are created from this information and from the catalogs restore selections can be displayed for restore jobs.  In some cases where there are large numbers of containers, especially empty ones, the 'updating catalogs' phase can hang or take an excessively long time.


This issue has been resolved in Hotfix 148347 for Backup Exec 2010 R2.  See Related Articles below for more information.

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