What is a quick erase / long erase and when should it be carried out?

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What is a quick erase / long erase and when should it be carried out?


I. Quick Erase

Quick erase writes an indicator at the beginning of the media and the contents of the media are made inaccessible. For most uses, a Quick erase is sufficient.

II. Long Erase
Long erase instructs the drive to physically do an erase of the entire media.

III. Erase job
An erase can be done on a media when Backup Exec cannot write to it. Backup Exec is unable to write to a media if it has been previously written to with another application that writes with a format not supported by Backup Exec (refer to the Related Documents section below for further information).  

The media will then have a <?> for the media label and (unrecognized media) under media description. Before doing an erase on this media, run an inventory job to make sure that Backup Exec cannot read this media.

If a writing operation is attempted to this media, an alert as per Figure 1 will be received.

Figure 1

Note: A media can be erased using Quick Erase and Long Erase. Long Erase is not supported on some devices, but a Quick Erase will be sufficient to enable Backup Exec to write to the media. A Long Erase can be used when data on a media has to be erased entirely. For example, if a media containing sensitive data must be disposed of, a Long Erase should be used. It is also important to be aware that Long Erase will usually take more time than a Quick Erase and this could be from minutes to hours, depending on the drive and media capacity. A Long Erase is done in the same way, by selecting Erase from the Devices tab and then selecting Long.

Quick and Long erase do not change the media label. To change a media label, use Label Media or Rename prior to the Erase operation.

To do an erase job, perform the following steps:

1. Make sure that there are tapes in the drives attached to the server
2. In the Backup Exec UI console, click on the Devices tab
3. Select the drive, right-click on it, and then select Quick Erase or Long Erase
4. Backup Exec will prompt with the message as per Figure 2. Click OK to confirm the Quick / Long Erase operation.

Figure 2

5. Backup Exec will prompt one more time. Click Yes (Figure 3) to confirm the erase operation.

Figure 3

6. After the erase job has finished, press <F5> to reset the media overwrite time

An Erase operation cannot be canceled after it has started; however, the Cancel option can be used to stop a queued erase operation.



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