7.1 Documentation


List of 7.1 Documentation Links


The following release 7.1 manuals are available for viewing and downloading.
Issues Addressed in 7.1:
NetBackup 7.1 Emergency Engineering Binary Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3566

Getting Started

NetBackup Getting Started Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3641
NetBackup Backup, Archive, and Restore Getting Started Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3642
Release Notes

NetBackup Release Notes  http:/www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3643

NetBackup Installation Guide for UNIX and Linux  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3647
NetBackup Installation Guide for Windows  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3648
NetBackup LiveUpdate Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3649

NetBackup Administrator's Guide for UNIX and Linux, Volume I  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3650
NetBackup Administrator's Guide for UNIX and Linux, Volume II  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3651
NetBackup Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume I  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3653
NetBackup Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume II  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3654
NetBackup Device Configuration Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3656
Administration of Options
NetBackup Deduplication Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3657
NetBackup SAN Client and Fibre Transport Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3658
NetBackup Shared Storage Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3659
NetBackup for VMware Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3663
NetBackup for Hyper-V Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3662
Symantec OpsCenter Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3708
NetBackup Bare Metal Restore Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3680
NetBackup for NDMP Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3671
NetBackup for NDMP NAS Appliance Information http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH31885
NetBackup Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3661
NetBackup Vault Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3682
NetBackup Vault Operator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3681
Administration of Database Agents
NetBackup for DB2 Administrator's Guide for UNIX and Linux  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3665
NetBackup for DB2 Administrator's Guide for Windows  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3666
NetBackup for Informix Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3667
NetBackup for Lotus Notes Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3668
NetBackup for Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3669
NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3670
NetBackup for Microsoft SharePoint Server Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3675
NetBackup for Oracle Administrator's Guide for UNIX, Windows, and Linux  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3672
NetBackup for SAP Administrator's Guide for UNIX and Linux  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3673
NetBackup for SAP Administrator's Guide for Windows  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3674
NetBackup for Sybase Administrator's Guide for UNIX  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3676
NetBackup for Sybase Administrator's Guide for Windows  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3677
NetBackup for Enterprise Vault Agent Administrator's Guide for Windows  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3660

NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3683
NetBackup Status Codes Reference Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3685
Other Documents

NetBackup Commands Reference Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3684
NetBackup in Highly Available Environments Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3678
NetBackup Clustered Master Server Administrator's Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3679
NetBackup Security and Encryption Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC3655
NetBackup Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide  http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC4483
NetBackup User's Guide for OpenVMS http://www.symantec.com/docs/DOC4238

Note: An Installation and Upgrade Checklist is available for NetBackup 7.1 on the Symantec Operations Readiness Tools web site to determine 7.1 requirements and documentation for master, media and clients:


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