DMP Path(s) not appearing in VEA

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Dynamic Multipathing (DMP) Path(s) not appearing in Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA)


Path(s) are not properly initialized in Symantec Dynamic Multipathing application software


Follow the steps below to resolve issue:

1. Disable one HBA in Windows Device Manager 


2. Reboot server (regardless of being prompted or not)

3. Log in and open VEA

4. Open Device Manager and Enable previously disabled HBA

5. Verify all paths to disks are appearing in VEA for each disk(s)

If additional paths are NOT appearing as expected, repeat above steps for each additional HBA card

If the additional paths are still NOT appearing, verify Hardware (HBA card, cables, switch ports, storage array controller)

Note it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall Symantec DMP DSMs

Applies To

Storage Foundation for Windows running DMP DSMs with multiple paths to disks in Storage Array

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