How to modify the CommandCentral Storage web console port

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This HOWTO article covers the modification of the port used by the CCS web console.

The web console connection port is changed fromm the default 8181 / 8443 to the first free port starting at 14191 when the upgrade takes place to CCS5.2RU1 (RU = Release Upgrade).

Error Message


<Browser> can't establish a connection to the server at


<Browser> can't establish a connection to the server at

  HTTP Status 404 - /spc/spc



Where previously a connection would be made to http://<IP or Name>:8181 which would load the certificate and redirect to  https://<IP or Name>:8443 using VRTSWeb, now it would be made to https://<IP or Name>:14191 using esmweb.


Changing the port for the CommandCentral Console

You can change the port that you use to connect to the CommandCentral Console. You can use any port that is not in use by another application.

For example, you might want to change the default port from 14191 to 8443. 8443 was the default port before the 5.2 RU1 release. You can still use port 8443 as long as no other products use the port. For example, 8443 is the default port for the Symantec Web server (VRTSweb). Other Symantec products might use that port.

To change the port for the CommandCentral Console

  1. Log on to the Management Server.
  2. Verify that port 8443 is not in use by VRTSweb.


    # netstat -an | grep 8443


    > netstat | FIND "8443"

  3. Stop the service.


    # /opt/VRTSweb/bin/webgui stop force


    Stop the Symantec Web Server Service

  4. Go to the following directory:




    \Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage\Web Engine\esmweb\conf

  5. Open esmweb.cfg in a text editor.
  6. Change the value of the SSLPORT parameter to the desired port number.
  7. Save and close esmweb.cfg .
  8. In an operating system console, change to the following directory:




    \Program Files\VERITAS\CommandCentral Storage\Support\Tools\Vxccs

  9. Type the following commands to restart the Web server:


    ./vxccs stop esmweb

    ./vxccs start esmweb


    vxccs.bat stop CCSGUI

    vxccs.bat start CCSGUI

    You can now connect to the Console through the new port

Applies To

Windows or Solaris CCS 5.2RU1 Management server (MS) console connection via Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

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