Backup Exec 2010 R2 Revision 4164 Hotfix 154003

Backup Exec 2010 R2 Revision 4164 Hotfix 154003

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Backup Exec 2010 R2 Revision 4164 Hotfix 154003


This hotfix contains recommended fixes for Backup Exec 2010 R2 Revision 4164.  These fixes are mostly related to the Deduplication Option.  Please see below for details.

The fixes contained in this update are also contained in the Backup Exec 2010 R3 release.
Affected versions
- Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164 32bit Media Servers
- Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164 x64bit Media Servers
- Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164 32bit Agent for Windows Servers
- Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164 x64bit Agent for Windows Servers
- Administrative privileges are required to install this hotfix.
- Before installing this hotfix, Hotfix 150096 must be installed. Hotfix 150096 can be obtained here:
- Note: This hotfix may require a reboot of the media server.

- A full backup is required after installing this hotfix.
- The IDR recovery media (the ISO created through the IDR Wizard) needs to be recreated after installing this hotfix.
- Remote Agent for Windows Servers will need to be updated after installing this hotfix.

Media Management Change for OST (Deduplication) devices
The way that Media Managment works with deduplication devices has changed in this hotfix.  Please review this document if you are using the Deduplication Option with either a deduplication folder, or an OST appliance.

Issues Resolved
- No media showing at startup on a virtual disk (using the Storage Provisioning Option) until after performing an inventory or a service restart.
- Storage Provisioning Option: Corruption of the Folder Path for the Virtual Disk when used with a volume drive letter
- PDVFS ProviderPath value in registry being reset to default install path when applying updates to remote agents
- Change the default logging level for the deduplication folder services
- Ensure that the fingerprint cache is used for Modified Time backups when using Client Side Deduplication
- Improvements to the deduplication folder services that process the deduplication transaction log queues
- Erroneous records being left in the BE Databases in a CASO environment after a failed deduplication folder installation from an MMS
- Unable to create Remote Agent for Deduplication on a BE 2010 Remote Agent or a system that was upgraded from a BE 2010 Remote Agent
- Prevent Deduplication Folder software from starting up until after the disk where it is located has finished loading
- Add the ability to add a Remote Agent for Deduplicating by IP address
- beserver.exe crash while backing up an Exchange GRT to a Deduplication Folder
- Backup Exec reports V-79-57344-34028 - A backup storage read/write error has occurred when it reaches 75% full.  The threshold is set at 15%
- Duplicate jobs stay queued even though there is a device available on the target
- Jobs fail to verify with e0000605 The requested media was mounted, but has been erased and does not contain any backup sets or e0008105 - Invalid Physical Volume Library Media Identifier on a Deduplication Folder
- Backup jobs will go into a 'Ready' status and never dispatch when a CAS backup policy contains 2 backups and 1 duplicate templates
- Improvments to the performance of large media queries when expiring OST media

  Installation Guide
This installation guide contains general information for installing Backup Exec product updates as well as special instructions for configurations including CPS, Agent for Windows Servers, Remote Agent for Linux/Unix/Macintosh Servers (RALUS/RAMS), Clustered Backup Exec, Shared Storage (SSO) installations, Central Admin Servers (CASO) installations, and SAP/R3 Oracle Agents.
Uninstalling this hotfix
This hotfix can be uninstalled. For steps on how to uninstall a Backup Exec hotfix, refer to this article:
For File Information see attached PDF




UMI : V-373-01018

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