VCS ONE: ERROR V-97-11-319 Please seletct an OUName node

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It has been observed that when adding a Custom View (Administration -> Sets; Configuration -> Custom View) , if by mistake an OUValue is specified instead of an OUName,the following error occurs:

"VCS one ERROR V-97-11-319 Please select an OUName node".

However once this error occurs, the only available option is the "CANCEL" button and starting all over again rather than being being allowed to continue and selecting an OUName.




Error Message

VCS one ERROR V-97-11-319 Please select an OUName node




A workaround would be to reset the type (by choosing some other type say 'group' or 'system' and then selecting OU again in the same wizard).
Issue is fixed in 5.0SP2

Applies To

VCSOne 5.0SP1

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