Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for NetBackup 7.1 Late Breaking News

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The Late Breaking News Bulletin has been created in order to provide customers updates on Documentation and Known Issues discovered post release.  These documents attempt to highlight the most 'common' known issues and concerns reported by customers.



Guidelines regarding the availability of EEB/Hotfix for NetBackup can be found here:





Known Issues: Please select the hyperlink on each topic for more information on each issue.



Installation Issues:

(ET2334190)  A NetBackup 7.1 upgrade from 6.x Unix/Linux masters may take hours if many policies contain clients with PC hardware for supported Windows operating system versions




Extraction or installation errors from downloaded NetBackup 7.1 software extracted using Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and AIX servers.




(ET2221831) Upgrade of Solaris SPARC media servers hosting Media Server Deduplication Pool to NetBackup 7.1 removes /etc/pdregistry.cfg



Latest Issues:

(Third Party) SAN base VMware restores using VDDK version 5 complete with Status 0, however nothing was restored.



Issues Addressed in NetBackup

(ET2648091)  NDMP restore fails with EXIT_Status = 91; create_ndmp_frag_info: The size of this backup image has been modified.


(ET2652715) VMware Snapshot are slower after upgrading to NetBackup


(NEW) (Multiple Etracks) NB_7.1.0.3_ET2691423_1.zip is a hotfix for VMWare for NetBackup


(ET2661919) Incremental VMware Backups to Media Server Deduplication are failing with Status 13 and 84


(ET2651526)  AIR replication storage server causing disk volume on source site to go down


(ET2669736) Status 174 System Error During clean up & Optimized duplications after applying Netbackup


(ET2652723 and ET2665300)  After applying the upgrade, degraded performance may be seen in NetBackup and OpsCenter on Windows due to an unintentional CPU restriction imposed on the database.


Issues Addressed in NetBackup includes fixes for the issues below and additional fix content. All customers are encouraged to apply as part of normal maintenance. download links: https://www.veritas.com/docs/000014889

(ET2572036)   Hotfix for BMR - After upgrading to NetBackup, Windows client backups with BMR enabled fail with return code=1



 (ET2585027) Duplication from a MSDP storage server to a PDDO storage server may fail silently and cause data loss when duplicated disk images contain 10 or more fragments



 (ET2589515) Hotfix for NetBackup SharePoint 2010 SP1 Support


(ET2517601) During browse of Exchange GRT backup images saved to a PureDisk or MSDP De-dupe pool, nblbc.exe causes an application fault on the Exchange client.

(ET2371066) GRT DAG restore fails if the environment's RpcClientAccessServer is set to an external or Network Load Balanced address

(Multiple ETracks)   Hotfix for NetBackup for NetBackup Media Servers

(ET2412560) The NetBackup 7.1 SQL Agent GUI crashes when attempting to set SQL server connection properties. Previous versions work fine.


 (ET2387423)   After upgrading NetBackup, NDMP backups start to fail reporting status code 84 and bptm reports "too many data blocks written" errors in its log.



(ET2245805)After duplicating full VMware images, block-level incremental backups based on full backups may expire earlier than expected when Copy 1 of the full back expires.



 (ET2339779) Unable to Browse Exchange GRT images after a successful backup.



Issues Addressed in NetBackup includes fixes for the issues below and additional fix content.  All customers are encouraged to apply as part of normal maintenance. download links:  https://www.veritas.com/docs/000094588


 (ET2360800) nbsl daemon faults while attempting connection to Media Servers, OpsCenter shows partially connected.


Transfer rates when duplicating to tape or performing large scale restores from deduplication storage.

(Multiple Etracks) At NetBackup versions 6.5.5, 6.5.6, 7.0, 7.0.1 and 7.1, ghost jobs or numerous jobs with status 50's may be seen in the activity monitor that can't be deleted.

(Multiple Etracks) List of Media Server Deduplication defects included in ET2412409 version 3 which is included in

(ET2491143) NetBackup NDMP backups to MSDP fail status 84

(ET2326347) Optimized duplications between NetBackup 7.1 Media Server Deduplication (MSDP) disk pools report media write error status 84 after hanging for 12 hours

(ET2341335) BUG REPORT: Exchange 2010 Database Restore fails with Status 5 to a Restore Database (RDB) if you select more than one image for one database.

(ET2266245) In NetBackup 7.1 a nbevtmgr core dump is forcing a restart.

 (ET2372545) NBU7.1 MSDP optimized duplication to 5020 NetBackup PureDisk Appliance fails w/status 84, 'error 2060017 system call failed'

  NB_7.1.0.1_ET2396696_1 is a OpsCenter/OpsCenter Analytics Hotfix



Issues Addressed in NetBackup download links:  https://www.veritas.com/docs/000081793


Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP) duplications fail with status 228 when client hostnames begin with numbers

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 backup fails with status 13 (file read failed)


 (ET2370049) After certain upgrades, upon restart of the Content Router, small (1-13 byte) segments are not loaded into the cache which may cause queue processing failures and data loss



(ET2382838) If an NTFS volume of a Virtual Machine is expanded, subsequent NetBackup for VMware backups may be corrupt, leading to unrestorable files and a failure of the VM to boot.



(ET2404491) Under certain conditions, VMware backups may prematurely stop reading extents, yet still report success - leading to unexpected results up to and including data loss.



(ET2274411)   NB_7.1_2274411_1.zip is a OpsCenter 7.1 hotfix




(ET2256525)   NB_7.1_ET2256525_2 is a NetBackup Hotfix for Windows Clients



(ET2304611)   Hot catalog backup fails with Status Code 2 in NetBackup 7.1 to Windows Servers.




(ET2279665)  NetBackup 7.1 may stop processing Storage Lifecycle Policies in high image backlog environments.



(ET2252912) On Windows systems running NetBackup 7.x Media Server Deduplication, queue processing may fail if the sorted tmp file reaches 4 GB in size.



(ET2045794) Under NetBackup 7.1/7.0.1, VMware Virtual Machines cannot be restored if any of the virtual disks (VMDKs) are larger than one Terabyte.



(ET2130939) Unable to turn off high verbosity debug logging for the Symantec Product Authorization service in NetBackup 7.1




Applies To

Installation and Upgrade Checklist:
An Installation and Upgrade Checklist is available for NetBackup 7.1 on the SORT website to determine 7.1 requirements for master, media and clients:


SORT also provides the ability to audit EEBs/Hotfixes in your environment to determine if they are resolved in a current version of NetBackup. You can access the EEB Auditor on SORT at the link below.
NetBackup SORT EEB Auditor



Auto Image Replication:

Frequently Asked Questions on NetBackup 7.1 Duplication to a Remote Master aka Automatic Image Replication feature.



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