EVLotusDominoarchivingtask repeatedly attempts to archive mailboxes that have been deleted.

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The EVLotusDominoArchiving task attempts to archive a mail file that has been deleted. This issue occurs when a user's mailfile and person document have been deleted from Domino by an administrator. Additionally, the administrator has not disabled the users mailbox from Enterprise Vault mailbox archiving. During the first archiving run, after the mail file deletion, the archiving task will generate and event ID 41192 and disable the mail file from archiving as it cannot find the mail file. Subequent archiving runs continue to attempt to archive the same mail file that has been disabled and generate event ID's 41192 potentially filling up the event log. As the EVLotusDominoArchiving task re-disables the mailbox during each subsequent run the task will attempt to, if configured, send a "Your mailbox has been disabled" message to the user. As the mail file for that users does not exist this message will eventually get stuck in the mail.box in a dead state.

Error Message

Event ID: 41192 An enabled mailbox could not be found on the mail server. The mailbox may have been deleted.|Enterprise Vault has disabled this mailbox. You can re-enable the mailbox if the mailbox was only temporarily removed from the server.|Task: Domino Mailbox Archiving Task


 This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 - Release Details

Enterprise Vault 10.0 - Release Details



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