On Solaris 8 , 5.0mp3rp4 installrp hangs during "Stopping processes" due to modunload vxdmp.

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5.0mp3rp4 installrp script hangs during " Stopping processes" , when it tries to unload vxdmp module.

This is only applicable to Solaris 8 system.



On solaris 8, 5.0mp3rp4 installrp script executes 'modunload -i (vxdmp module id)' which may cause installrp to hang whilst unloading the module. 

 On the terminal, user may see installrp script hangs at "Stopping processes". 


           Veritas Rolling Patch 5.0MP3RP4 Installation Program
Logs for installrp are temporarily being created in /var/tmp/installrp-eWhFS5.  
                                                                                                                                                                  Stopping processes: 50% ___________________________



  "ptree" shows modunload for vxdmp module which is invoked by installrp script hangs.

  3145  in.telnetd
   3147  -bash
       3286  ./perl/bin/perl -x -S -I./scripts -I./perl/lib/5.8.8/sun4-solaris-thread-multi-
         6723  sh -c LANG=C /usr/sbin/modunload -i 36 >/var/tmp/installrp-eWhFS5/do_local1 1>
           6724  /usr/sbin/modunload -i 36


installrp script executes "modunload" for vxdmp module before patch installation to stop the SFHA stack safely.

However due to a VxVM defect reported through e1665982, unloading vxdmp module may hang intermittently on Solaris 8. It will cause modunload and installrp hang too.In VRTSvxvm package, the defect itself is addressed with 5.0mp3rp4, however we need to add a trick to installrp as well for upgrade operation. User can avoid this problem safely if executing a newly introduced utility '/etc/vx/diag.d/vxdmpmodadm stop daemons'  from 5.0MP3RP2(patch 122058-12) just before unloading vxdmp module.The problem is tracked via e2249297.


Download the HOTFIX attached to this document and executes installrp specifying "-require" option with the HOTFIX. Then installrp will invoke the vxdmpmodadm utility just before unloading dmp module to avoid the hang.


  ./installrp -require /tmp/HF_vxdmp_5.0mp3rp4.pl

Please follow the instruction in "README" file for HF_vxdmp_5.0mp3rp4.pl




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