MountV resources unable to come online after SFW-HA 5.1SP2 upgrade

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After upgrading from Storage foundation for Windowns versions 5.1SP1 to 5.1SP2 the MountV resources are unable to come online.

Error Message

Error from the System Event Logs:

MountV:LAB_DATA4:monitor:CheckFSAccess not configured

- <System>
  <Provider Name="AgentFramework" />
  <EventID Qualifiers="1514">9006</EventID>
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2011-01-19T13:09:19.000Z" />
  <Security />
- <EventData>


There are a number of changes, specically with a few agents with the upgrade to 5.1 SP2. The MountV resource agent is one of them.  There can be an issue with the file if performing a rolling upgrade and not following the steps as outlined in the Installation and Upgrade Guide. If there is a particular problem with the agent update during installation, the file will revert to the previous version after the upgrade.


Open the file in the %vcs_home%\conf\config folder and check the MountV entry.  

 For SFW-HA 5.1 SP2 it should appear as follows for :

type MountV (
    static i18nstr ArgList[] = { MountPath, VolumeName, "VMDGResName:DiskGroupName", ForceUnmount, ListApplications, AutoFSClean, "VMDGResName:DGGuid", PurgeStaleMountPoints, CheckFSAccess }
    i18nstr MountPath
    str VolumeName
    str VMDGResName
    str ForceUnmount = READ_ONLY
    boolean ListApplications = 1
    boolean AutoFSClean = 1
    str MountResName
    boolean PurgeStaleMountPoints = 1
    boolean CheckFSAccess = 0

Here is an example of what SFW-HA 5.1 SP1 MountV types looks like:

type MountV (
static keylist SupportedActions = {CHECKFSACCESS.EN_US}
static i18nstr ArgList[] = {MountPath, VolumeName,
"VMDGResName:DiskGroupName", ForceUnmount, ListApplications,
AutoFSClean, "VMDGResName:DGGuid", "MountResName:MountPath",
i18nstr MountPath
str VolumeName
str VMDGResName
str ForceUnmount = READ-ONLY
boolean ListApplications = 0
boolean AutoFSClean = 0
str MountResName
boolean PurgeStaleMountPoints = 0

 Notice the change in the CheckFSAccess line between the two versions (hightlighted in bold.)

Replacing the old with the correctly updated from a working Storage foundation for windows version 5.1SP2 node will resolve this problem, however If you find that you are using the older file/MountV definition and do not have an updated from 5.1SP2, please open a case with Symantec Technical Support for supplying a new 5.1 SP2 file that matches the configuration with the correct enterprise agents for your version.



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