ArrayExplorers process crashes when discovering more than 5 EMC Symmetrix arrays from a Windows host

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The EMCSymmetrixExplorer crashes when discovering more than 5 Symmetrix arrays.   This will cause the ArrayExplorers process to crash as well.

The number of arrays can vary that will cause this issue.   Each specific environment will dictate the number of arrays that can be successfully discovered from on explorer.  The limiting factor will be the total number of objects discovered on the arrays.

Error Message

Running "halagentcfg list-processes -a" will show the ArrayExplorers process as FAILED


This issue is caused byt the ArrayExplorers process running out of memory.

Windows 32 bit processes have a 2GB limit on memory usage.  CommandCentral Storage is a 32 bit application. 

Occasionally, the size of the arrays (and number of objects being discovered), will cause the ArrayExplorers process to exceed the 2GB memory limit on Windows hosts.  This will cause the process to fail.


The solution is to split the discovery of the array across multiple explorers and processes.

We do this by creating aa separate process and explorer for a smaller subset of the total arrays.  Since each explorer is now discovering fewer arrays, the process will not reach the 2GB limit set by the OS.

To move the current EMC Symmetrix explorer to it's own process do the following on the Control Host:

  1. In a command window on the control host, navigate to <Install Directory>\CommandCentral Storage\HAL\
  2. Execute halev.bat
  3. Change directory into the bin directory
  4. Execute halsecurity login and when prompted enter the password of the CCStorage admin account
  5. Stop the ArrayExplorers process by executing halagentcfg stop-process --process-name ArrayExplorers
  6. Move the current EMCSymmetrixExplorer to it's own process halagentcfg move-explorer --explorer-name EMCSymmetrixExplorer --process-name EMCSymm_solo1
  7. Create a second explorer and process for the EMC Symmetrix discovery halagentcfg define-explorer --explorer-type EMCSymmetrixExplorer --explorer-name EMCSymmetrixExplorer2 --process-name EMCSymm_solo2
  8. Start the processes to bring the explorers online.

halagentcfg start-process -p ArrayExplorers

halagentcfg start-process -p EMCSymm_solo1

halagentcfg start-process -p EMCSymm_solo2

With the 2 EMCSymmetrixExplorers running in their own processes, you can now configure the discovery of the Symmtrix arrays in CommandCentral Storage to balance the discovery and keep the process under the 2GB limit.

Applies To

More than 5 EMCSymmetrix arrays discovered from one EMCSymmetrixExplorer on a Windows host.

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