Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 - Release Details

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Veritas Enterprise Vault, Compliance Accelerator, Discovery Accelerator 10.0.1 - Release Details


This document provides information about version 10.0.1 of Enterprise Vault, Compliance Accelerator, and Discovery Accelerator.

When you perform a new installation of Enterprise Vault, follow the instructions in the Installing and Configuring guide. The guide is in the Documentation folder on the Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 media.

If you want to upgrade from an earlier version of Enterprise Vault, follow the instructions in the Upgrading to Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 guide, which is available on the Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 media. The latest version of this guide is available from the link below.

Before you install or upgrade to Enterprise Vault 10.0.1, download and read the latest release notes from the locations below:




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