Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 9.0.4


Enterprise Vault 9.0.5 Released! (August 28, 2013)

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Note: While all information (known issues, hotfixes) is listed it does not mean every issue applies to every environment.  Please read the details of the issue if you feel it applies to your specific situation for complete information and suggested actions.


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Software Alerts

28-Jun-2012 - A serious problem has been found with the current 9.0.4 release and it has been temporarily withdrawn from circulation while we investigate a fix.

-Jul-2012 -  The above issue has been resolved, a new build for 9.0.4 has been released (9.0.4 R1) and is available for download on the MyVeritas Licensing Portal.  For more information on how to obtain licensing keys and installation downloads refer to
Enterprise VaultArticle
Under rare circumstances Enterprise Vault processes terminate unexpectedly due to a code level stack errorAL1309

Hotfixes for 9.0.4


Enterprise Vault for Microsoft ExchangeArticle
Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 5 ReleaseTECH205732

Known Issues Existing in 9.0.4:
Symantec Corporation has acknowledged that the below-mentioned issues are present in the version of the product listed in the Products Applied section of each document. Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers. Please refer to the documents listed below for additional information.

Enterprise VaultArticle
Event ID 7110 can occur during SIS Part validation after sparse file collections has extracted items from CAB files for re-collection.TECH216681
Enterprise Vault for Microsoft ExchangeArticle
 Cross Saveset-collection partition causing the archived content to be inaccessible..TECH229218
Enterprise Vault (EV) Vault Cache Synchronization fails for all users when the EV server is running with a Turkish language settingTECH227788
Post processing may fail for Custom Recurring Calendar items with error 0x8004010f (MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND)TECH227986
EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair cannot move savesets from duplicate to existing/recreated ArchiveFolders with 10,000 items or more.TECH216164
Additional file types added to the Enterprise Vault (EV) registry value 'ExcludedFileTypesFromConversion' are reset.TECH214026
Mail Items with attachments that have an RMS policy applied to them do not display correctly when openedTECH213944
An EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair operation fails to recreate an ArchiveFolder is a DVS file is missing in the folder being repairedTECH212963
Collection processing does not start when backup mode is cleared or Storage Service is restarted after 12:00 AMTECH212222
An unsupported Microsoft Outlook version has been detectedTECH211528
Unable to maunally archive emails in Outlook Web Access 2010 (OWA) using Internet Explorer 10 in Compatibility Mode.TECH211197
An EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair operation can generate "Error deleting surplus Vault record" errorsTECH210128
Shortcuts cannot be replied to or forwarded in Outlook 2010/2013 when Enterprise Vault is unavailable.TECH209132
Actions taken in the Outlook Add-in are not properly recorded in the EV Audit logTECH209221
Certain Archived Items have an Incorrect ArchivedDate and IDCheckSumHigh within the Saveset TableTECH209243
Enterprise Vault for Exchange: 'An error has occurred in the script of this page' is generated during a 'Move to Mailbox' execution from Archive ExplorerTECH208778
An EVSVR DatabaseReferences operation may incorrectly reports Invalid Savesets if duplicates exist on a Centera deviceTECH204258
Event Id 6578 occurs during shortcut processing for shortcuts that do not originate from the mailbox being processed.TECH207803
Enterprise Vault creates MDC files for each additional Archive end users have access to regardless of the choice to synchronize the additional Archives into Vault Cache.TECH200200
File System Level corruption of a DVS file causes Enterprise Vault processes terminate unexpectedly with an Event ID 1000 in the application logTECH207130
EVConverterSandbox.exe may crash intermittently, generating event ID 1000 in the Application logTECH206089
Export archive to Mailbox fails with Event ID 6794 and 6768TECH204690
Public folder restores and/or archiving intermittently stop working until EV services are restarted or the server is rebootedTECH200967
Vault Cache sync fails due to "An invalid character was found in text content"TECH154692
In certain circumstances, the Enterprise Vault (EV) Backtrace function can generated more than expected logs, which may cause drivespace issues.TECH204659
Enterprise Vault (EV) Archive Usage Limit in the Vault Administration Console (VAC) has a limit of 16GBTECH13026
During a Move Archive, the error "The destination saveset specifies a different Site to the source saveset.|You can't copy savesets between sites" occurs when moving an archive within the same site.TECH200877
Outlook 2010 hangs when loading the Enterprise Vault (EV) Add-InTECH198674
"Login Failure: Unknown user or bad password" when attempting to sign into the Enterprise Vault (EV) for Mac tool bar.TECH198273
Error with the Enterprise Vault Services after an uninstall of the Enterprise Vault Client from the serverTECH178024
Items stored on Hitachi Content Platform cannot be retrieved by StorageCrawler for indexingTECH188919
Items recently deleted prior to closing an Archive will not be removed from the Vault Store JournalDelete table.TECH188007
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.* messages are archived multiple times by the Journal TaskTECH181851
The Enterprise Vault (EV) Storage Expiry report is not written if processing was ended by the schedule and did not complete.TECH180299
The Move Archive process fails during Stage 1 (Copy phase) with "There is another item with the same transaction id in the destination archive".TECH178341
Virtual Vault on Outlook 2010 may fail to allow Calendar items to be forwarded.TECH171732
Migrated non-shortcut items generate event ID 3412 during Exchange Mailbox Archiving task runs.TECH170870
During a Site to Site user archive move, utilizing Move Archive, the wizard does not auto-detect the new archive on destination.TECH174351
Attachment creation date may not indexed properly if the attachment is an .MSGTECH169676
Items exist in the Vault Store database, but the associated Archive or ArchiveFolder entry is missing from EnterpriseVaultDirectory database.TECH158169
Windows Desktop Search (WDS) reconciles its index of Enterprise Vault's DB files multiple timesTECH163879
Archived messages that are moved to another mailbox do not get updated.TECH156795
During Shortcut Processing to update Moved items, Event Ids 6578 and 2270 occur when 'Archive Exchange Managed Folders' is set to 'Off'TECH156217
Event ID 2777 occurs when attempting to manually archive a folder.TECH142387
When running Storage Expiry in Report Mode, shortcuts that have passed their retention period may be deleted the next time the archive task runs.TECH154632
StorageOnlineOpns process fails to take lock of CAB files with error "CCabFileMutex::wait : handle: ffffffff on the Cab files" during operations such as Move Archive or exporting through Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator.TECH146514
Event ID 6592 is generated and some messages are unable to be archived.TECH143070
Unable to restore Public Folder items when using replica Public Folders.TECH127903
Error opening shortcuts using EV8 client if user is disabled and had their mailbox "zapped"TECH77679
When exporting an archive from the Vault Admin Console to PST file, items recently deleted from the archive will be exported to the PST.TECH129017
When forwarding an archived item flagged in the To-Do bar generates the error "You cannot forward a combination of archived and non-archived items."TECH125328
When using the 'Export archives to their original mailboxes' within the Export Archive Wizard an Event ID 6469 may generated.TECH125342
Single Instance Storage (SIS) Reduction by File Type, Single Instance Storage Reduction per Vault Store Group, Single Instance Storage Reduction Summary Operation Reports display incorrect information than what is described in the documentation.TECH126056
When there are more than a 100,000 items to return in the Vault Admin Console (VAC) under Personal Store Management the request takes a lot of time to return and does not display the results, instead displays nothing.TECH126302
ArchiveTask.exe may spike CPU and not complete when using customized shortcuts set to keep more than 30,000 characters of original message bodyTECH76366
Attachment links not accessible when opening archived calendar items in Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007TECH76362
When a Microsoft Cluster with Enterprise Vault fails over, the Partition Network Share may be created on the Active node and not within the Enterprise Vault Cluster Resource Group.TECH73487
The archive task will not delete expired shortcuts if Storage Expiry is set to Never.TECH73137


Enterprise Vault for File System ArchivingArticle
FSAUtility -pm incorrectly migrating PH that belong to other Volume / AP targetsTECH212148
An Enterprise Vault (EV) File Server may become unresponsive and require a server restart to resolve.TECH210198
New Partition wizard cannot enumerate additional Windows partitionsTECH202390
Errors retrieving multiple placeholders from VNXTECH200406
Enterprise Vault (EV) File System Archiving (FSA) shortcuts are created improperly when the vault store setting to Remove safety copies is set to Never.TECH197970
Clustered File Server unresponsive in a hung state following large number of FSA Placeholder recalls.TECH196698
The Enterprise Vault (EV) File System Archiving (FSA) FSAUtility process may return a 'System.OutOfMemoryException' when using the -pm option.TECH190333
FSAUTILITY Restore and Recreate options failTECH190038
FSA Shortcut Deletion doesn't occur during Shortcut Deletion schedule periodTECH188332
Unexpected Placeholder (PH) recall when NetApp PH is accessed from Windows 7 ClientTECH181748
During a File System Archiving (FSA) Reporting scan the file server may register Event ID 24600 (Error) which states 'This shared resource does not exist.'


Enterprise Vault for Lotus DominoArticle
Enterprise Vault for Domino: In EVOM the Domino Server Monitoring the counter 'Days Since Last Backup' for Journaling locations might be wrongly calculatedTECH209195
NSF Import fails with 'Domino Server is unavailable' if the target user's mailbox has been deletedTECH208870
Enterprise Vault for Domino: from Lotus Notes it is not possible to the see content of "display / conversation" when retrieving EV archived itemsTECH206856
Enterprise Vault for Domino: embedded attachments in Calendar and Mail item bodies cannot be opened; users are getting 'Note Item not found'TECH206075
Enterprise Vault for Domino: "from DWA/iNotes clicking the 'Delete All' button in the junk folder does not delete items as expected"TECH202591
Enterprise Vault for Domino: "from DWA/iNotes unable to properly forward or reply archived emails containing attachments with CJK characters"TECH202463
Enterprise Vault for Domino, users are getting 'Notes error: Unknown OS error' and 'Module: EVLAUNCHDOCUMENT, Line: 76' retrieving archived emails from someone else Domino mailboxTECH201099
Enterprise Vault for Domino, encrypted emails cannot be opened from DWA/iNotesTECH200999
Enterprise Vault for Domino: "Unable to properly forward multiple items (archived or not) if EV template is in use"TECH196136
Lotus Notes Client loses access to archived items when a Mailbox is opened within Notes that is associated to a different Enterprise Vault SiteTECH176734
Duplicate Enterprise Vault hidden views could be created in Domino Mailboxes provisioned by Enterprise VaultTECH184891
Mail-in Databases that are a member of a Domino Directory group and also have an alias fail to provision.TECH176019
Shortcut expiry is deleting shortcuts when storage expiry is in report mode.
When attempting to delete a shortcut within Domino Web Access the 'Ask User' behavior is utilized regardless of the ‘Shortcut Deletion’ setting in the Lotus Domino Desktop PolicyTECH170053
"Invalid Universal ID" is received by the end user when attempting to retrieve an archived item.TECH169648
Enterprise Vault Operations Report 'Archived Items Access' does not report user access to the archived Domino emails.TECH135221
Lotus Notes emails are not archived by scheduled archiving when the Domino form name contains a backslash "\".TECH71606


Enterprise Vault for Microsoft SharePointArticle
The Enterprise Vault (EV) SharePoint task may return a Warning and not create shortcuts on certain files.TECH209911
When using EVSPShortcutManager to recall shortcuts every library in the Web Application fails with 'InsufficientPermissions (-10010)'TECH208278
Sharepoint Archiving fails when a Document Library metadata field does not have a Display Name value and the archiving policy is set to archive based on metadata values.TECH197721
EVSPShortcutManager may fail to recall some Microsoft Office documents if custom date/time metadata has been added to the document via its associated Office applicationTECH197724
Users are unable to open Microsoft (MS) SharePoint Enterprise Vault (EV) archived documents with MS Office 2010 using an HTTPS connection.TECH192789


Enterprise Vault Compliance AcceleratorArticle
Compliance Accelerator Reviewer Activity Detail Report fails with error: Query execution failed for dataset 'CustomerDataset'TECH227807
Compliance Accelerator Department Tagging is not being applied to certain Monitored Employees that are members of Employee Groups.TECH159406
Putting more than one consecutive question mark wild card in an email address in the To\From field prevents the search from being rejected or the search criteria viewed.TECH199094
Duplicate items appearing in the Review Set and Exports for Compliance Accelerator (CA) and Discovery Accelerator (DA) 9.0 and greater.TECH189112
Synchronization error appears in the General tab of Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) Employee Groups.TECH184166
Degradation of Indexing performance. The inability to export or view certain items in Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator.TECH66720


Enterprise Vault Discovery AcceleratorArticle
Attempting to export Domino mail archived items using Discovery Accelerator with large recipient lists fails with HRESULT E_FAILTECH204734
Custodian Manager's AD Synchronization never completes in an environment with multiple or very large Active Directory domains.TECH202081
Putting more than one consecutive question mark wild card in an email address in the To\From field prevents the search from being rejected or the search criteria viewed.TECH199094
Duplicate items appearing in the Review Set and Exports for Compliance Accelerator (CA) and Discovery Accelerator (DA) 9.0 and greater.TECH189112
Time out occurs when building, filtering or searching the review set in the Discovery Accelerator Client.TECH189235
Accelerator Service.exe does not release memory after export of large items causing an Event ID 375 error System.OutOfMemoryException error
Domino aliases under the Username field of the Person document are not synchronized with Custodian Manager profiles.
Degradation of Indexing performance. The inability to export or view certain items in Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator.


Enterprise Vault Discovery CollectorArticle
Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector (EVDC) susceptibility to vulnerability CVE-2011-3192TECH181507




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