Login credentials verification failed for server configuring NetBackup 5000 Appliance storage server

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Unable to configure NetBackup 5000 Appliance on the NetBackup 7.0 master server.

Error Message

Login credentials verification failed for server


Possible causes:

  • Name and IP resolution problem between master/Appliance
  • Multiple interfaces on the NetBackup master server that the appliance cannot resolve
  • Missing Puredisk license key on the NetBackup master
  • Conflicting storage server information for the PDDO NetBackup server in NetBackup's EMM database or in the ost-plugins folder.

Helpful log files to enable on the NetBackup server:


<install path>\netbackup\logs\admin
<install path>\volmgr\debug\tpcommand 


Troubleshooting steps/Possible Solutions:

Check Name and IP resolution between master and the NetBackup 5000 Appliance

  • Edit the local hosts file on the appliance and be certain the correct name and IP for the master's interface(s) are listed, and that the appliance's name and IP address(s) are listed.
  • Edit the local hosts file on the NetBackup server and be certain the correct name and IP for the master's interface(s) are listed, and that the appliance's name and IP address(s) are listed.

Note:  the NetBackup server and the appliance must be resolving the names and IP's "the same way"  So, the entries for the NBU server and the appliance should be identical.

Check the active license keys on the NetBackup server. 

  • Be certain the Puredisk license keys have been installed and that there are no expired keys that my be conflicting with it.

Check the EMM database to determine if there are any other storage or NDMP storage server types listed.

  • nbemmcmd -listhosts


server          NetBackup_master 
media           NetBackup_media 
ndmp            NetBackup_master 
ndmp            appliance_name 
master          NetBackup_master 
Use nbdevconfig and nbemmcmd to remove any storage servers (ndmp or puredisk) that should not be there.

  • nbdevconfig -deletests -storage_server appliance_name -stype ndmp
  • nbemmcmd -machinealias -getaliases -machinename <name> -machinetype <type list in EMM>

Look at the following directory on the NetBackup server:

UNIX/Linux: /usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins

Windows: <install path>VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\ost-plugins

Check to see if there is anything in that directory from a previous attempt to configure PDDO, for example:


Rename the old file for this storage server to be certain old PDDO configuration files are no longer present prior to the next attempt to configure the appliance.

Reference this article for more details on this:  https://www.veritas.com/docs/ 000005355

Log into the Appliance Web User Interface and check to see if there is an old reference to the PDDO data selection.  If there is, delete it.

Once the above steps have been completed, try to configure the appliance again using the NetBackup Administration Console, configure storage server wizard.


Applies To

NetBackup 7.0 master/media server
NetBackup 5000 Appliance

At least one attempt to configure the Appliance was done and a factory reset was done on the Appliance prior to the attempt to configure it this time.
The Appliance was set up and available on the network (IP address assigned, could log into it, name and IP resolution setup between it and the NetBackup server).

NetBackup configuration Steps:

  1. NetBackup Administration Console-->Configure Disk Storage Servers-->PureDisk Deduplication Pool
  2. Storage Server name: (provide unique name)
  3. Select media server: (the NetBackup media server that will have the PDDO plugin configured)
  4. User name: root
  5. Password: root
  6. Note:  The default login/password for the appliance is root/root.

Choosing Next produced the reported error "Login credentials verification failed for server hostname"

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