Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164 Service Pack 1 Release notes

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Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164 Service Pack 1 Release notes



This technote contains a list of known issues resolved with Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164 Service Pack 1 


Service Pack 1 is a roll-up of the following Backup Exec 2010 R2 revision 4164 hotfixes:

Hotfix #:358288
Hotfix #:358289
Hotfix #:358410
Hotfix #:140360
Hotfix #: 138226
Hotfix #: 143746
Hotfix #: 143981
Hotfix #: 145462
Hotfix #: 146017

General Information about this patch:

 Note: Backup Exec 2010 R2 SP1 adds additional files in the Backup Exec Agent updates folder.



- Installing Backup Exec 2010 R2 remote agent on a Hyper-V Core Server 2008 R2 server fails with Class not registered or Hangs at 50% during the installation.
- Enhance displayed error message to include the error code in Backup Exec Renewal Assistant:
- Backup Exec Console crashes when opened on CASO Cluster installation.
- German version of Backup Exec 2010 R2 is missing the "OK" button in "the Template Rule Properties" window.

Deduplication Option:

- If the Adamm service encounters a database connectivity error, it takes the OST devices offline.
- Deduplication folder goes in use and crashes the job engine as job remains queued.
- Errors in duplicate to tape job from dedup device. Job status is still successful and source job did not list any errors.
- S_TF_NO_TAPE_PRESENT reported as final error on backup to deduplication folder.
- Deduplication Option backup hangs in a loop creating reusable media for the deduplication folder.
- After upgrading to R2, unable to create a new deduplication folder.
- Dedupe store goes offline when the SQL Virtual Machine containing the BEDB is snapshot.
- NDMP connection errors to RADA are causing OST drives to go offline effectively reducing concurrency.
- Added an IO sync to ensure the data is persisted on disk when saving deduplication folder records.
- Backup to a deduplication folder hangs if RAWS is not running on the remote server.
- S_TF_NO_TAPE_PRESENT reported at start of job on backup to deduplication folder.
- AVVI backup to Deduplication folder results in Error in PDVFS driver <ERR> pdvfs_send_po_list: MBPOaddList failed: 4
- Duplicate job from deduplication folder to tape device crashes the Backup Exec Job Engine Server (Bengine.exe).
- Backup Exec Server Service (Beserver.exe) crash in ServerConfigbo.cpp.
- Added the thread ID in debug messages.
- File GRT restores of AVVI from Incremental/Differential sets backed up to ‘Deduplication Storage’ fails with the error “0xe0009741 - Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images. Restores that use Granular Recovery Technology may not be available”.
- Duplicate Policy goes to "Device Paused" rather than "Loading Media" and prevents jobs from running.
- Attempt to backup/duplicate data to the Nirvanix cloud causes thousands of empty OST* media to be created and the backup/duplicate job never makes any progress
- Deduplication: opt-dup error "0xe0000607 - Backup Exec cannot copy the deduplicated data from the source device to the destination device." 
- Channel is not being initialized to default values in the MTF stream handler for OST.
- Deduplication:Spad (and spoold too) set tell Service Control Manager that they are running before they are actually ready to accept client connections.
- Deduplication folder offline after reboot, spad start fails with "no local route defined", can be started manually.
- PdvfsService can crash if debug output line is too long.
- Deduplication: Corrupt delayed file on W2k8 R2 system causing CRQP to hang.
- Catalog crashes.
- Deduplication: A bad server handle could be freed from the server handle linked list without going through the whole list first causing upper layer crashes
- DEDUPE: Duplicate backup of VM from Incremental backup set to disk from deduplication storage fails with an error: "0xe0009585 - Unable to open a disk of the virtual machine
- Deduplication:"Adamm Mover Error: DeviceIo: ostscsi: sth_xlate failed: 1" error in app event log
- AVVI: Deduplication: Backup jobs fail to display a dedup ratio in the Job History list or in the Job Log.
- Deduplication: GRT enabled Exchange, AVVI, Sharepoint backup will fail with Out of Memory error.
- Deduplication: Error - The backup-to-disk folder that was specified for this job must be on an NTFS volume backing up Exchange 2007 with GRT to dedup folder


Domino Agent:

- When backup of individual DAOS enabled notes database is done, the job backs up NLO files only upto a count of 65535.
- During partial server backup, trailing sequential NLO files are not backed up after missing NLO is found


Device and Media\Hardware\IDR:

- RMALS: Restoring a spanned encrypted backup with different block/buffer size failed with error, "The data being read from the media is inconsistent."
- Mover error (error 0x17 ERROR_CRC) causes the job engine service to randomly stop
- NDMP:Backup job fails on verify when backing up data from the media server.
- NDMP:EMC:  In some cases, and EMC Celerra server may panic due to messages continuously appearing in the server and debug logs.
- OST: Logging function uses a limit of 2048, we are errantly allowing an overrun.
- OST Read of image opened for writing is causing backup job to fail.
- Backup Exec 2010 R2 Reports LEO Violation when a Falconstor VTL is in use and a VTL License is installed.
- Quantum DXi Series adjust the NDMP inquiry lookup to only look for Quantum
- NDMP Limit needed for ONTAP Big Block support (max value of 256KB)
- B2D: A communications failure has occurred between the Backup Exec job engine and the remote agent
- HW: Device discovery to better handle missing or corrupt b2d.cfg files
- IDR: Cannot find the Broadcom NetXtreme II (BCM5716C) during IDR GUI mode network setup
- NDMP: DDI device support to Add Isilon and Oracle
- NDMP: Volume Browse support is removed in ONTAP 8 Cluster-Mode. Currently get Error when attempting to browse.
- NDMP: Error when Selecting check box under NDMP with OnTap 8.0 Cluster
- NDMP: New device support for EMC DART OS 7.0  
- NDMP: Limit needed for ONTAP Big Block support (max value of 256KB)
- NDMP: Need to limit maximum block size for Oracle NDMP to 512K 
- SPO: When reported max disk size is smaller then calculated max size, can not create 1 large volume.   

Microsoft Exchange Agent:
- Full Exchange backups with CPS and GRT enabled fail with the following error: Unable to complete the operation for the selected resource using the specified options. The following error was returned when opening the Exchange Database file: '-515 The timestamp in the next log does not match the expected timestamp.
- A GRT enabled backup to tape fails with: 0xe00002f7 - Cannot extract mailbox messages from the Exchange backup. The following error was returned when opening the Exchange Database file: '-1032 The file cannot be accessed because the file is locked or in use.'
- Exchange 2003 mailbox may not be seen in the restore view from a successful Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) enabled backup set on tape
- Mailboxes that were migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 may not be processed by an Archive job
- SQL log backups complete with the error "Database Query Failure"
- Exchange 2007 Backup to disk fails with - The following error was returned when opening the Exchange Database file: ' n/a '
- When backing up the active copy of an Exchange database with LCR enabled to a tape device the job fails with "VFF Open Failure


Oralce Agent:
- Oracle restore job is failing,if device is RMAL tape and hardware encryption is enabled

Virtual Agents (AVVI and Hyper-V Agent):
- After performing a multi-volume restore for some VMware virtual machines one or more secondary volumes will not be accessible. (For more details, please refer to this document: )- AVVI: Duplicate backup set job (setcopy) of a VM template fails
- AVVI: VM backup is reported successful but it fails to backup some of the VMDK.
- AVVI: Unable to do GRT restores from extended partitions.
- VMWARE: GRT restore from a VM with disk extended using diskpart or a third party solution fails with error "failed to mount one or more virtual disks" in the job log
- AVVI: Unable to restore from Backup if VC or Host has more than 100 virtual machines.
- AVVI: beremote crashes during non-grt restore of a virtual machine
- AVVI backup to Deduplication folder results in Error in PDVFS driver <ERR> pdvfs_send_po_list: MBPOaddList failed: 4
- AVVI: Backup of a VM that has 2 VMDKS fail if the 2nd vmdk is not formated
- MSVS AHV Snapshot provider error (0x138E): The cluster resource is not available when a Hyper-V Cluster CSV folder paths contain 15 characters or more or an underscore
- HYPER-V: Highly Available VM(s) running on French Hyper-V CSV cluster setup do not display under the cluster virtual node in backup selections and instead show under Physical nodes.
- Hyper-V: APP GRT SBS 2008 Server Backup reports successful but Exchange App GRT restore seletions are missing and Exchange App GRT missed during backup.













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