NB_6.5.6_ET2085566_1.zip is a NetBackup 6.5.6 Hotfix for NetBackup Servers using OST

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Symantec Bug ID: 2085566
Version:  NetBackup_6.5.6 

Installation Location:  Master and Media Server

Fixes Included:  

(ET2085566) BUG REPORT: After an update of the OpenStorage (OST) plug-in, NetBackup may report status code 129 and "EMM status: Insufficient disk space or High Water Mark would be exceeded Disk storage unit is full(129)" more frequently due to a change in the method of calculation of free space on the storage unit.

Note:  This package is intended to address a specific condition or issue within an environment which meets the criteria documented above.  DO NOT install this package if your environment is not experiencing the specific issue or does not match the criteria in which the issue could occur.

Error Message

NBU status: 129, EMM status: Insufficient disk space or High Water Mark would be exceeded Disk storage unit is full(129)


Installation Instructions:  
Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available on 


Additional Installation Notes:

The Hotfix (new OST core library) needs to be placed onto each media server and the master server. The new behavior must be enabled on a per storage server type basis by creating a touch file on each media and master server. The touch file is named "REPLACE_LOGICAL_WITH_PHYSICAL_CAPACITY.<stype>" where "<stype>" represents a specific storage server type.  Only when the touch file exists will the logical values be replaced by the physical values (physical values remain unmodified) for the specific storage server type. Create the touch file in the directory where the storage  server plugin is installed.

Unix example:

Windows example:
C:\Program Files\Veritas\Netbackup\bin\ost-plugins\REPLACE_LOGICAL_WITH_PHYSICAL_CAPACITY.DataDomain

In these examples, the storage server type, "<stype>", is "DataDomain". To determine the "<stype>" of a storage server, execute the admincmd nbdevquery to list the storage servers:

nbdevquery -liststs -U

In the output of that command, the "Storage Server Type" field is the "<stype>". Note: the string is case sensitive.


Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:

eebinstaller.2085566.1.alpha_5                AIX Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.hpux                      HP Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.hpia64                  HP-IA64 Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.linuxR_x86           x64/x86 RedHat Enterprise Linux Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.linuxS_x86           x64/x86 SuSE Linux Enterprise Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.linuxR_ia64          IA64 RedHat Enterprise Linux Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.linuxS_ia64          IA64 SuSE Linux Enterprise Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.solaris                   Solaris 10 SPARC Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.solaris_x86          Solaris 10 x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2085566.1.AMD64.exe         Windows x64
eebinstaller.2085566.1.IA64.exe               Windows IA64
eebinstaller.2085566.1.x86.exe                 Windows x86




File checksum:

320417174 201488 alpha_5/libsts.so
3325987252 218528 alpha_5/libstsMT.so
491357897 192512 hp_ux/libsts.sl
412956588 200704 hp_ux/libstsMT.sl
1328871057 388184 hpia64/libsts.so
3277541135 459760 hpia64/libstsMT.so
2257920233 113457 linux/libsts.so
1493487756 128004 linux/libstsMT.so
386882451 256807 linuxR_ia64/libsts.so
1327548468 283314 linuxR_ia64/libstsMT.so
2535750734 110667 linuxR_x86/libsts.so
1771875373 124838 linuxR_x86/libstsMT.so
4243520010 254836 linuxS_ia64/libsts.so
903952035 281327 linuxS_ia64/libstsMT.so
210089957 121000 linuxS_x86/libsts.so
2811822623 136643 linuxS_x86/libstsMT.so
1731445563 419157 rs6000/libsts.so
307877804 432188 rs6000/libstsMT.so
1013568679 205708 solaris/libsts.so
4152147728 220004 solaris/libstsMT.so
3797146247 190736 solaris_x86/libsts.so
4070261696 207384 solaris_x86/libstsMT.so
1968834218 113664 AMD64/libsts.dll
3409052894 192000 IA64/libsts.dll
2592660509 86016 x86/libsts.dll
Recommended service state:  
Stop all NetBackup Services on the NetBackup system the fix is being applied to.


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