How to test the quality of Replication Network when the protocol is UDP


Problems in Replication Network are usually troubleshut using an AppareNet tool (downloadable from

This tool, if run as suggested in the AppareNet webpage, uses a sort of ping to test the quality of the connection among the two systems.

When the Replication Network is based on UDP Protocol instead of TCP, the measurement is not accurate.


Appcritical has a UDP measurement mode, called "UDP responder mode".

In order to use this method, the tool needs to be run on the target node in "server mode" before to run a client command on the "sender" system.

Command to run SAS in "server mode" on the target system:

  • Sas   --udp-responder-only   --udp-responder-port   <port_n>


Command to run SAS in "client mode" on the sender system:

  • Sas  –t  <target_ip_address>   --udp-target-port <port_n>   --udp-test



The command will provide an XML file to send to Symantec Technical Support for the analysis.


Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.



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