How to setup up SharePoint backups using NetBackup SharePoint DB agent.

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Need a quick procedure on how to configure Veritas NetBackup SharePoint DB agent to backup Microsoft SharePoint server farm.


Here is a short checklist of how to configure the Database (DB), Disaster Recovery (DR) and GRT backups of a Microsoft SharePoint (SP) servers using NetBackup SP DB agent.

1. Make sure that the SharePoint farm can be backed up using the native sp backup and restore tool available from SharePoint Central Administration.

2. Make sure the correct version of NetBackup client software and patches that supports the version of the Microsoft SharePoint server is installed on all the

clients (Front web, App, Index, SQL backend db servers) in the SharePoint farm.

Support for SharePoint Foundation 2010 starts at NB7.0.1.

Refer to the corresponding NetBackup DB compatibility documents for more information.

3. Change the NetBackup client service login accounts on all the clients in the farm from LocalSystem to a domain account with local admin and sysadmin role

to the SQL server. Also make sure that the SP admin account being used has "Replace a process level token" user rights assignment under Local policies

On the SQL backend DB server, make sure that the NetBackup client service login account is a local admin and has been granted the "sysadmin" role.

4. Configure a SharePoint Database/DR farm level backup policy.  Refer to the "About configuring a backup policy for a SharePoint database" section in the admin guide below.

5. Configure the sp admin username and password on all the clients in the farm. This is available via host properties, clients in the NetBackup administration

console. Click Host Properties and select Clients, go to Actions-> configure client and specify the SP admin username and password.
This is important that all clients in the farm are configured with the same sp admin username and password.

Refer to the "Configuring host properties for SharePoint clients" section in the admin guide below for more details.

6. Note: This step is only necessary for troubleshooting.
Enable debug logs on each server/client. Go to <install_path>\netbackup\logs directory and then execute the mklogdir.bat batch file.

7. Note: This step is only necessary for troubleshooting.
Increase the debug logging level on each clients in the farm. Launch the Backup, Archive and restore GUI. Client NetBackup client properties, Troubleshooting

tab. Set the following:
General=2, Verbose=5, Database=9

8. Login to one of the SP front web server (preferably the one with SharePoint Central administration installed) as the domain user with sp admin role (this is the

same account that was specified in the client properties).

Launch the BAR GUI. Note in Windows 2008 when UAC (User Access Control) is enabled, Launch the BAR GUI by right clicking on the program shortcut and clicking "Run as administrator".

Check if you can view the objects under Microsoft SharePoint Resources:\ .

Also make sure on the SQL backend DB server that the NetBackup client service login account is a local administrator and has been granted the "sysadmin" role.

9. If you are able to view the objects from the BAR GUI then you can proceed with testing the DR farm level backups.
Once the DB/DR farm level backups were successful, then you are ready to configure the GRT backups.

*** Stop here if you are not planning to enable granular recovery or GRT backup option. ***

10. Create a separate SP GRT backup policy by making a copy of the DB/DR  farm level backup policy.

11. Make the following changes to the newly copied policy:
      From the attributes tab, change the policy storage unit to a disk storage unit (only basic and advanced disk stu are supported for grt backups)
      Put a checkmark in the "Enable granular recovery" option
      From the backup selections tab, delete the existing directive and change it to Microsoft SharePoint Resources:\AllWebs

12. Login to the SQL backend DB server and make sure that Microsoft Services for NFS is installed. If the media server that owns the disk storage unit

specified in the policy is also Windows, make sure that Microsoft Services for NFS is also installed.

Refer to the "Installing and configuring NFS for SharePoint Granular Recovery" section in the admin guide below for more details.

13. Perform a manual GRT test backup by right clicking on the GRT backup policy.

NBU SharePoint admin guide: - Veritas NetBackup&trade; 7.0 for Microsoft SharePoint Server Administrator's Guide  


Applies To

Windows 2008 R2 64 bit, SharePoint Server/Foundation 2010, SQL 2008 server, NetBackup 7.0.1

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