Commandcentral Enterprise Reporter (CCER) is not currently supported with Oracle 11g R2 databases.

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CCER was tested with an Oracle 11g R1 (  database and older and is not currently supported with an Oracle 11g R2 ( database

Error Message

Typically the schema cannot be created using the scripts provided with the CCER application in the Oracle 11g R2 version of the database


The newer version was not clarified with the Oracle scripts


The solution is to use a supported and tested environment of CCER 5.2 MS connecting and rolling up data to an Oracle 11g R1 ( or earlier database.

An Oracle 11g R2 database will not allow creation of the schema without deployment of the 9259407 patch from Oracle and is not currently supported with the shipping CCER 5.2 version.


Applies To

Oracle Database 11g versions

CCER windows or unix Management Server (MS)

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