Can the third party Array get composed of by MPxio + VxVM5.0MP3(DMP)?

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The major question from the customer is to solicit of the possibility if the third party array such as EMC CX can be configured with both MPxio and DMP under the VxVM because he is intending to use ZFS.

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According to the TECH51507, There is the comment that Storage Foundation does not support MPxIO on non-sun storage arrays. Even if we strongly recommend the customers to abide by the guideline in this technote, some of them are eager to use MPxio + DMP + Thirdparty Arrays such as EMC/HDS ( As we cannot disable the DMP from the version 5.0)


So therefore, in case the customer strongly insists use of MPxio due to ZFS and further their private matter, there is the only way(No confirmed but suggestion) as follows.

[ Inquiry ]
The only thing that the customer is asking about this time is why we can't have every single disk on the A/P EMC array under MPxIO control, then use VxVM on the single-path disks that are presented by MPxIO (with no DMP).  There shouldn't be any coexistence issue that you talk about because there is only MPxIO, no DMP involved.

[ Answer ]
As pointed out in the 000088380, since VxVM 5.0 it may be impossible to have DMP disable. So if the customer is strongly insisting to use devices under MPxio with any non-Sun Arrays irrespective of our article, there may be a only way to let MPxio take control on paths by turning off "dmp_fast_recovery".

For example,
#vxdmpadm gettune all output
            Tunable               Current Value  Default Value
------------------------------    -------------------  -------------------
dmp_fast_recovery                  on                      on.

If MPxIO is enabled on a host, the tunable dmp_fast_recovery must be set to off:
#vxdmpadm settune dmp_fast_recovery=off

#vxdmpadm gettune all output
            Tunable               Current Value  Default Value
------------------------------    -------------------  -------------------
dmp_fast_recovery                     off                      on.


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SunOS 5.10 Generic_142900-12 Architecture: sun4u sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise

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