Event 8390 - The operation identifier is not valid - 0x800710dd

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Permissions error when moving archives between EV sites in separate directories

After typing the destination EV server name and clicking on next, the error appears: You do not have required permissions to move archive to destination. When using the Move Archive Wizard to move archives between sites in separate directories, it is necessary to add the Vault Service Account for each site to the Power Administrators role in the other site's Authorization Manager.
It is possible that due to errors during previous upgrades, the Power Administrators role may be missing the following tasks: EVT Move Domino Journal Archives, EVT Move Domino Mailbox Archives, EVT Move Exchange Journal Archives, EVT Move Exchange Mailbox Archives. Without these tasks included in the role, the Move Archive Wizard will fail.

Error Message

Event ID: 8390
Hex Code: 0x800710dd
Event Category:  Admin Console
Event Description: The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error.  The operation identifier is not valid.

Event ID: 8391
Event Category: Directory Service
Description: The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryService object reported an error. The operation identifier is not valid.


As described in article TECH138994, it is possible for errors during the upgrade to result in a failure to update the Roles-Based Administration database. If this happens during an upgrade that adds Move Archive functionality (that is, an upgrade to either 8.0.4 or 8.0.5 from a lower version of 8.0, or from any version of 7.5), then the tasks and operations required to run Move Archive will not be present in the Roles-Based Administration database. This will cause features whose use is sanctioned by these tasks and operations to fail.


1. Reset the Authorization Store using the default blank copy preserved in the EV installation directory.
        a. The procedure is documented thoroughly in article TECH130113


2. Once it is reset, open the Authorization Manager on the destination EV server and add the Vault Service Account from the source EV server back into the Power Administrators role. The Move Archive Wizard should now proceed successfully.

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