Using Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution (BESR-MS) fails to open properly in Internet Explorer

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When using BESR-MS on the internet explorer (particularly IE8) some of the options in the web page may not work properly, not show the complete web page, and only half of the options are visible.


This may happen if the Silverlight required for the BESR-MS console is not installed properly.



1. Go to add remove programs and uninstall the Microsoft Silverlight instance.

2. Install Silverlight again and then refresh the Internet Explorer again.

Note: Silverlight can be installed either by getting a prompt to download and install it when launching the BESR-MS console for the first time or it can be downloaded from Microsoft. The installer for the Silverlight can be found in the below link.

3. If its not working even after installing the Silverlight then  go to Tools - Internet Options - Security- Custom level in Internet Explorer and set the security settings to Medium (Default) and save the settings.

4. Restart the browser.  

 Note: If the Browser is IE8, removing IE8 from Operating System (2003, XP) and downgrading it to IE7 can also fix the issue if the problem is not Silverlight. As an alternative, running IE8 in compatibility mode may also resolve the behavior.


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