Status Code 83: Optimized Duplications fail with error 2060018: file not found

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Impossible to duplicate or to restore an image from a MSDP (Media Server Deduplication Pool)

Error Message

Job detailed status:

Critical bptm (pid=4972) image open failed: error 2060018: file not found

bptm logs:

<32> bp_sts_open_image: sts_open_image failed: error 2060018

bpdm log (target MSDP server):

 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_get_imh_image_prop entry imh(0x0xc85a70) imgdef(0x0x7fffef19f840)
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_get_imh_image_prop imh->imh_infopath(/<SOURCE-MSDP-SERVER>#1/2/<CLIENT-NAME>/<POLICY-NAME>/<CLIENT-NAME>
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_get_imh_image_prop imh->imh_imgpath(/<SOURCE-MSDP-SERVER>#1/2/<CLIENT-NAME>/<POLICY-NAME>/<CLIENT-NAME>_1341426724_C1_F1.img)
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_get_imh_image_prop imh->imh_hdrpath(/<SOURCE-MSDP-SERVER>#1/2/<CLIENT-NAME>/<POLICY-NAME>/<CLIENT-NAME>_1341426724_C1_F1.hdr)
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_get_imh_image_prop imh->imh_mappath(/<SOURCE-MSDP-SERVER>#1/2/<CLIENT-NAME>/<POLICY-NAME>/<CLIENT-NAME>
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: image <CLIENT-NAME>_1341426724_C1_F1 not found
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_get_imh_image_prop exit (2060018:file not found)
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: release_svh nhandle=3--
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_image_handle exit (2060018:file not found)
 <16> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_open_image impl_image_handle error (2060018:file not found)
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: release_svh nhandle=2--
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: impl_open_image exit (2060018:file not found)
 <2> 422904:bptm:6723:<TARGET-MSDP-SERVER>: pi_open_image_v10 exit (2060018:file not found)
 <32> bp_sts_open_image: sts_open_image failed: error 2060018


This issue happens in Windows environments or in mixed environments, when the Master server is Windows and the MSDP servers are Unix or Linux (Appliances)

When the first backup of the client "x" is run, a directory with the client name is created within the MSDP mini-catalog (located at <storage_path>\databases\catalog\2\x). If the client name is changed from x to X (using different lower or capital letters) in the policy or in a new policy, the backup finishes successfully, however the PDDE (PureDisk Deduplication Engine) does not create another client directory with the "new" name. The image fragment is stored in <storage_path>\databases\catalog\2\x.

Later if a duplication or restore is performed, PDDE looks for the image fragment at <storage_path>\databases\catalog\2\X as observed in the bpdm or bpdm log file. 


If the MSDP server is Windows: Rename the client folder in the mini-catalog with the new client name, for example: <storage_path>\databases\catalog\2\x directory to <storage_path>\databases\catalog\2\X

If the MSDP server is Unix, Linux: Create a symbolic link in the mini-catalog with the new client name pointing to the client name that already exist, fox example:

ln -s /disk/databases/catalog/2/x /disk/databases/catalog/2/X


Applies To

Netbackup 7.0, 7.0.1 (PDDE)
Netbackup (PDDE)

NetBackup 52x0 2.0.x

NetBackup 52x0 2.5.x

NetBackup 7.5.x (PDDE)

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