Hotfix for Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) for Microsoft Exchange 9.0 Build 1193, StorageFileWatch cannot keep up with archiving/ingest, eventually any monitoring / system status threshold will be exceeded.

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Which version of Symantec Enterprise Vault (tm) can this hotfix be applied?
This hotfix can only be applied to the following versions of Enterprise Vault for:

Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange 9.0, Build 1193 


What issue does this hotfix resolve?
Etrack 2055708
The StorageFileWatch process can take a long time to check if saveset files have been secured on devices which are slow to respond.

Etrack 2080967
When “Check for a trigger file” option is selected for a NTFS partition and the checkbox “Scan partition every” is unchecked on the Backup tab of the Vault Store Partition Properties in Admin console, other periodic scan based partitions may not always be scanned periodically.

Which files does this hotfix replace?


How to Install this hotfix:
1. Stop all Enterprise Vault services
2. Make sure you have a backup of all the Vaultstore databases on the system
3. Run the sql script e2055708-vaultstoredb.sql against all the VaultStore databases on the system
4. Take a backup of the StorageFileWatch.exe file and the VaultMessages.dll file in the Enterprise Vault install folder
5. Copy StorageFileWatch.exe and VaultMessages.dll into the Enterprise Vault install folder
6. Start all Enterprise Vault services


1. Everytime a new VaultStore Database is created, the sql script e2055708-vaultstoredb.sql needs to be run against it.

2. If  there is no Fingerprint database associated with the vaultstore, hotfix TECH173336 also needs to be applied. Otherwise, the post processing of items will fail when the StorageFileWatch process attempts to connect to the associated Fingerprint Database.


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