changeIP gives the error:-"the fromip doesn't match a server agent ip address in the SPA database"


When trying to change the IP address of the Puredisk server using the script "/opt/pdconfigure/scripts/support
" it generates an error

Error Message

Here is an example of the error

/opt/pdconfigure/scripts/support/ --fromip 10.10,10,10 --toip --allowspa

 "The fromip doesn't match a server agent IP address in the SPA database."


This error can be caused if the PureDisk environment is setup using hostname not IP based lookup.

This can be checked by running this SQL query

/opt/pddb/bin/psql -U pddb -x ca -c "select * from agent"

Then check the agent table and find the SPA entry. AS can be seen in the below example the ipaddress field is shown as a hostname rather than an IP address


-[ RECORD 8 ]----------+-------------------------------------
id                     | 1647000000
storagepoolid          | 1647
isserveragent          | 1
ostype                 | 20
mbeid                  | 1
controllerid           | 1
department             | 1
location               | 1
groupid                | 59
statustypeid           | 2
hostname               |
ipaddress              |
alias                  |
description            |
macaddressfirstadapter | 005056BF5B63
version                |
restorepassword        |
systemaccountid        | dfb68628-e38b-102d-91c8-bbb8204bc5e0
creationdate           | 1243924772
moddate                | 1285771231
osversion              | 21
osvariantid            |
osextensions           |
fullsystemfilesds      |
fullsystemregistryds   |
featuremask            |
type                   | 0


If the system is using hostname based lookup then the changeIP script does not need to be run as the system will do a lookup of the name to find the IP address. All you need to do is make sure that /etc/hosts and/or DNS is correctly updated with the new IP address

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