Backup Exec Oracle backup on Linux server fail with A communications failure has occurred if IPv6 is enabled on Linux server that has multiple network cards

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Backup Exec Oracle backup on Linux server fail with A communications failure has occurred if IPv6 is enabled on Linux server that has multiple network cards

Error Message

Final error: 0xe000fe30 - A communications failure has occurred. Final error category: Server Errors For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65072 Backup- Oracle-Linux::\\server\instance V-79-57344-65072 - The connection to target system has been lost. Backup set canceled.




- No firewall configuration on the Linux server
- A plain file system backup of the Linux system completes successfully
- Backup of an Oracle database running the Linux server fails with a communication failure
- Multiple Network cards on Linux server. IPv6 enabled on Network Cards
- Multiple Network cards on Linux Server on different subnets

- Oracle RMAN output in job log reports Oracle database file were backed up.

- Oracle Enterprise Manager reports RMAN backup was successful.

- No restore selection for Oracle Database in Backup Exec after the failed backup.







Backup Exec Job Engine Debug: 

BENGINE: [loops]       - NDMPBackupEngine::ProcessBSD: We received a successful notify_data_halted without receiving a MSG_START_BACKUP_SET.
BENGINE: [ndmp\ndmpcomm]   - ndmpEstablishConnectionUsingNoSpecificAdapter: Could not connect to remote address FE80::226:55FF:FED5:7113 and port 10000 Errorno : 10060
BENGINE: [ndmp\ndmpcomm]   - ndmpConnectEx : Control Connection information: A connection was established between end-points [FE80::F06E:722F:713F:79DE%13]:51849 and [FE80::226:55FF:FED5:7112%13]:10000.


 RALUS Debug Log:

 CDbsbOra::runCmd: ***************** FINISHED LOGGING RMAN OUTPUT *****************
CDbsbOra::runCmd: Child status during exit (0)
CDbsbOra::runCmd: Child terminated normally with status (0)
CDbsbOra::runCmd: Exiting runCmd. Closed fd[0]=-1 fd[1]=-1
RMAN_DoCommand: Returning success
 Detach from: Oracle-Linux::\\server\instance
 Function called: RMAN_DetachDLE
 RMAN_ReleaseDBInfo: Warning - Not all handles were released
 Backup Job Stop(0)  - Fri Sep 17 19:35:10 2010
 VX_RemoveDLE: DestroyDLE()
 VX_RemoveDLE: DestroyDLE()
 VX_RemoveDLE: DestroyDLE()
 FreeFormatEnv( cur_fmt=0 )

40c5a940 Fri Sep 17 19:35:27 2010 : Control connection accepted : connection established between end-points [FE80::226:55FF:FED5:7112%ETH0]:10000 and [FE80::F06E:722F:713F:79DE%ETH0]:51849
Username for Logon: root
BENetConfigEx: Successfully refreshed adapter information.
This instance of BETCPListener was not requested to install a signal handler and hence will not install one!
 FreeFormatEnv( cur_fmt=0 )
 ERROR: ndmpdDataAbort: invalid state to process abort request.
 ERROR: ndmpdDataStop: invalid state to process stop request.

 FreeFormatEnv( cur_fmt=0 )


During the Oracle Backup the first desired network card is used to backup the database files.  When Backup Exec ask for the Catalog information from RMAN another connection is established and using the wrong network cards on the Linux server.






On the Linux server Disable IPv6 on the Network card being used for the Oracle\Linux Backup.  


Applies To

Linux: RedHat 4.1.2-48

x86_64 bit Oracle: 10gR2 64bit

Backup Exec Media Server Windows 2008 R2 64bit

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