Backup selections are blank when trying to create a new backup job


When trying to create a new Backup Job, the backup job selection list will not display any servers and any backup selections for the resources


This can be caused if the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service is Stopped


The System Logon Account for BEWS is changed (Username or password or both)



To resolve the issue follow the steps as mentioned:

1) Open Windows Services

2) Go to the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service

3) Start the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service

4) Make sure that the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service is started under Local System Account

5) Check the permissions for the Backup Exec System Logon Account which shows at Network, Logon Accounts.

Now click on the New Backup Job and it would display the remote servers and its backup selection list.

If the user specifies that the user account information was edited, then update the new account information in Backup Exec-Network-Logon Accounts. Refer the attached articles below for more information. (TECH82969)

Performing the above steps and if the selection list is still blank, do the below steps.
-Check the Windows Task Manager
-Ensure only one beremote.exe process is running. Terminate all the beremote.exe processes and restart all Backup Exec services once.
-A server reboot might be required to complete the process.

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