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The Late Breaking News Bulletin has been created in order to provide customers updates on Documentation and Known Issues discovered post release.  These documents attempt to highlight the most 'common' known issues and concerns reported by customers.  The available Late Breaking News items are below:



NetBackup 7.1 is released, to determine if your EEB is included in 7.1 please review the following document:



Known Issues: Please select the hyperlink on each topic for more information on each issue.


(UPDATED FIX) (ET2233961)   HotFix: NB_7.0.1_ET2233961_8 is a NetBackup 7.0.1 Hotfix for NetBackup Deduplication servers


Issues Addressed in


(ET2045794) Under NetBackup 7.0.1, VMware Virtual Machines cannot be restored if any of the virtual disks (VMDKs) are larger than one Terabyte.



(ET2085561)  Trying to backup Windows 2008 R2 partially successful with status code 1 can't open file: System State:\Automated System Recovery\BCD\BCD (WIN32 536935992: Unknown error)
Downloadable Fix:  http://www.veritas.com/docs/000011452


Issues Addressed in 7.1:


(ET2110878)  Licensed features (such as Vault and BMR Management) are not available in the Windows Admin console after upgrade to 7.0.1, or options that are *not* licensed are appearing.


(ET2106924)  Duplications fail with a Status Code 191/233/44, Image expiration also does not occur on Windows Master servers


 (ET2115722 )   Exclude and include lists are being recognized by user and catalog backups. This may lead to unintended exclusions during backup.


(ET2125979)  Windows client exclude list not honored on shared drive of Microsoft Cluster following upgrade to 6.5.6/7.0.1.
Downloadable Fix:  http://www.veritas.com/docs/000011452


(ET2137282)  Full validations of the NetBackup Relational Database (NBDB that includes the EMM data) fail.


(ET 2140749)  After patching to NetBackup 7.0.1, "ANY_CLUSTER_INTERFACE" is not being recognized.


(ET2111493)  When IPv6 protocol is enabled, NetBackup daemons will not start after upgrading to 7.0.1.


(ET2085566)  BUG REPORT: After an update of the OpenStorage (OST) plug-in to version, NetBackup may report status code 129 and "EMM status: Insufficient disk space or High Water Mark would be exceeded Disk storage unit is full(129)" more frequently due to a change in the method of calculation of free space on the storage unit.

Downloadable Fix:  http://www.veritas.com/docs/000010932


(ET2105102)  Issues resolved and hotfix for NetBackup for VMWare backups


 (ET2253048) Enterprise Media Manager database (nbemm) becomes unresponsive under load

(ET2110798) STATUS CODE 2: NetBackup 7.x catalog backup fails with status 2 (none of the requested files were backed up) reported


(ET1976971) vStorage Backups to a media server deduplication pool is failing with Status 84 on VMs with many small files


(ET2170240) NDMP backups showing a wrong kilobytes value in the GUI after 7.0.1 upgrade

(ET2154374) In NetBackup 7.0.1, when SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_NDMP is set to a different value than SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS, multiplexed backups may fail due to coredumps from bptm and ndmpagent, while backups which succeed may not be restorable under certain conditions.


(ET2140608) Issues with frozen tapes: "read error on media, physical end of the tape has been reached

(ET2122784) Issues resolved in the EEB package for OpsCenter 7.0.1


(ET1975674) DOCUMENTATION: Issues resolved in the EEB package for Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP) in NetBackup 7.0.1


(ET2138445) At NetBackup versions 6.5.6 and 7.0.1, the display of date and times in the Java console has changed.


(ET2120789) When a server is utilizing PDDO (PureDisk DeDuplication Option) or MSDP (Media Server Deduplication Pool), the pd.conf file is overwritten during upgrade from NetBackup 7.0 to NetBackup 7.0.1. This can affect or prevent deduplication.


(ET2100916) OpsCenter upgrade to 7.0.1 completes but OpsCenter not responsive


(ET 2139675) BUG REPORT: When using NetBackup 7.0.1, skewed or lower deduplication rates for full VMDK backups can be identified when comparing to guest level backups with a NetBackup client


(ET2143165) Upon BMR recovery of a Windows 2008 SP2 client using NetBackup Bare Metal Restore 7.0.1, a blank screen appears, and server cannot be accessed

(ET2112063)  Windows Remote Admin Console is unable to connect to a master server or may exhibit slow performance.  


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Installation and Upgrade Checklist:
An Installation and Upgrade Checklist is available for NetBackup 7.0.1 on the Veritas Operations Services website to determine 7.0.1 requirements for master, media and clients:
NetBackup SORT

SORT also provides the ability to audit EEBs/Hotfixes in your environment to determine if they are resolved in a current version of NetBackup. You can access the EEB Auditor on SORT at the link below.
NetBackup SORT EEB Auditor


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