Unable to Start vxsvc on Solaris System Running SF 5.1

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Unable to Administer the System using VOM , it's showing Red Down Arrow because vxsvc Service is not running on target host

Error Message

On the target host status of vxsvc is not running
$ sudo vxsvc -m
Current state of server : NOT RUNNING
Attempt to manually start also failed with not enough space
$ sudo /opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvc -r /etc/vx/isis/Registry.conf -e
$ put: Not enough space
Looking at vxisis.log  we can see the below Error Message is logged

Mon Aug 16 13:30:14 2010:2:Reading from portal
Mon Aug 16 13:30:14 2010:1:vxfs:Exiting vxfspro initialize: 0x0
Mon Aug 16 13:30:14 2010:14:vxfs:Exiting vxfs_scan_thread: 0xc100000c
Mon Aug 16 13:30:14 2010:1:LoadProvider: provider vxfs_provider loaded
Mon Aug 16 13:30:14 2010:1:LoadProvider: loading provider ddl from location /opt/VRTSob/providers/ddlprovider/ddl.so
Mon Aug 16 13:30:14 2010:1:ddl: ERROR: CVxObject::GetProp() : Unable to find property stub_mode
Mon Aug 16 13:30:14 2010:1:LoadProvider: provider ddl loaded
Mon Aug 16 13:30:14 2010:1:successfully created ping token version 1

Mon Aug 16 13:30:23 2010:7:There was an error in pagefile put 12  <--  
Mon Aug 16 13:30:23 2010:7:errno = 0
Mon Aug 16 13:30:23 2010:7:Unknown Error, Error Code = 12
Error Message 12 mean ENOMEM as defined in errno.h
# grep -i 12 /usr/include/sys/errno.h
#pragma ident   "@(#)errno.h    1.20    00/01/12 SMI"
#define ENOMEM  12      /* Not enough core                      */ <---  


System with large number of disks may have issue with Default PageTableSize defined in Registry.conf and it may run out of paging space while trying to build the list of disks during vxsvc startup


Increasing the default value of PageTableSize and PageOutChunk on TargetHost may resolve the issue.
Modified following line in Registry.conf from:
The default value
 [REG_INT] "PageOutChunk" = 150;
 [REG_INT] "PageTableSize" = 512;
To new values:
[REG_INT] "PageOutChunk" = 450;
[REG_INT] "PageTableSize" = 24576;
Then try to restart the vxsvc
/opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvcctrl activate
Then start it:
/opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvcctrl start
After 5 min check the status  & it should be running
/opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvc -m

Current state of server : RUNNING
Once the vxsvc service is running then you have to re-scan the Host in VOM Settings->Host Managment and Red Arrow will change to Green and now you can Administer this host using VOM

Applies To

SF 5.1 as Managed Host and Reporting to VOM Server

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