Backup Exec Pre-install Environmental Check hangs on "Total System Memory"

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During the installation of Backup Exec, the pre-install environmental check hangs on Total System Memory and doesn't proceed. (Figure 1)


Error Message

Figure 1.


Replace the existing VxValidatorOps.dll in the current set of Backup Exec installable and then run the upgrade.

To resolve the issue please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download the which contains the VxValidatorOps.dll file (for both 32bit and 64bit version) from the following link.
  2. Replace the new .DLL file:
    • 32-bit file needs to be replaced in the BE\WinNT\Install\VxValidator32 folder
    • 64-bit file needs to be replaced in the BE\WinNT\Install\VxValidator64 folder.
  3. After replacing the file with the updated DLL, re-run the upgrade process.
  4. The above mentioned issue should not occur if the Backup Exec server has VSP.SYS installed.



When the install hangs on the environmental check, run a silent installation as per the following steps:

  1. Open a Windows command prompt (Start>Run>CMD).
  2. Change to the drive containing the Backup Exec Installation Software.
  3. Change directories to \WINNT\INSTALL\BE.
  4. Type the following command:

    setup -s /dbinstpath:C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server /USER:administrator /DOM:<domain name> /PASS:<password>

    Note 1:  Specify the domain name and the password in the command above.  This is a command line installation which bypasses Environment Check.  Also, there may be no activity for approximately 10 minutes after executing the command and then the Backup Exec for Windows Server icon will finally show up on the desktop. The process can be monitored from the task manager by watching the msiexec.exe process.

    Note 2: "dbinstpath" is the path where SQL 2005 Express edition will be installed. If another version of SQL is already installed in that path, SQL 2005 could be manually installed on another drive and the path specified in the command for silent install

    Note 3: If the server is in a workgroup, WORKGROUP can be specified after /DOM:


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