On system boot, the vxdmp module does not load

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The LPAR crashed.

Upon restart VxVM was inoperable.

On system boot, messages on the console indicate the DMP (Dynamic Multi-Pathing) module was not found and failed to load.

Error Message

The following is shown on the AIX system console:

VxVM sysboot INFO V-5-2-3818 VxVM starting in boot mode...                     
VxVM vxconfigd FATAL ERROR V-5-1-8379 vxdmp driver not loaded on the system.
VxVM vxvm-startup2 INFO V-5-2-503 VxVM general startup...                      
VxVM vxesd ERROR V-5-1-8404 DMP module not present                             
VxVM vxvm-startup2 ERROR V-5-2-3737 Volume configuration daemon is not enabled s
        No volumes started


The binary file or link to the binary file for the vxdmp module is missing from the filesystem.


To resolve the issue:

1) Verify the currently installed versions of the following packages using 'lslpp' commands:

# lslpp -L VRTSdbed
# lslpp -L VRTSasl
# lslpp -L VRTSvxvm

2) Remove the following packages with 'installp -u':

# installp -u VRTSdbed

# installp -u VRTSasl

# installp -u VRTSvxvm

3) Re-install the packages using the 'installp' command

Note: If the package versions indicated any additional Maintenance Packs, Rolling Patches, or Hotfixes were applied, re-apply the applicable patches to bring the package versions back to the level previously installed.

4) Reboot the system

Upon reboot, it is possible the volboot file may be missing.

If so, the following error is shown on the console:

VxVM vxvm-startup2 INFO V-5-2-503 VxVM general startup...
VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-1589 enable failed: Volboot file not loaded
        transactions are disabled.

If the volboot is indicated as missing, recreate the file with the following process:

# rm /etc/vx/reconfig.d/state.d/install-db
# vxiod set 10
# vxconfigd -m disable
# vxdctl init  
# vxdctl enable
# reboot

Now the system should reboot, and VxVM should start automatically, as expected.


Applies To

AIX 5.3


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