Configuring Deduplication with Backup Exec 2010 on the DL Backup to Disk Appliance.

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Configuring Deduplication with Backup Exec 2010 on the DL Backup to Disk Appliance.



Note: If the DL Backup to Disk appliance shipped from the Dell factory with Backup Exec 2010, the Deduplication Storage Folder and the virtual disk in which it resides can be created automatically when initially configuring the appliance using the DL Backup to Disk Appliance Configuration Wizard.

The Deduplication Storage Folder must be configured manually on a DL Backup to Disk appliance when upgrading from Backup Exec 12.5 to Backup Exec 2010.  Use the following procedure to manually configure a Deduplication Storage Folder.  The appliance must have available storage capacity to create a dedicated virtual disk for the Deduplication Storage Folder.  This can be accomplished by adding additional hard drives to an MD1000 storage enclosure. If additional storage cannot be added to an MD1000, the existing backup data on an MD1000 must be moved to an alternate location and the virtual disk(s) can then be reconfigured using Dell OpenManage Server Administrator.  Do not add additional hard drives until instructed below.

In order to configure a deduplication storage folder after completing an upgrade to Backup Exec 2010, the user can do the following:
1. From the Settings tab in the Backup to Disk Appliance Console select “ Change Disk Configuration Policy” and set the policy to “Manual to disable automatic configuration of reconfigured or new hard disk drives.  Leave the policy “Manual” until the Deduplication Storage Folder has been created.
2. Add any additional hard drives to MD1000(s).
3. Select “ Launch Dell OpenManage Server Administrator” from the Settings tab and manually configure a virtual disk which will be dedicated to the Deduplication Storage Folder. The size of this virtual disk should not exceed 16TB.  The new virtual disk will appear as "unconfigured" in Backup Exec 2010.  Do not configure the virtual disk in Backup Exec.
4. Using the Disk Management portion of Windows Computer Management create and format a GPT volume on the virtual disk and assign a drive letter.
5. Create a Deduplication Storage Folder using the Configure Devices Assistant / Deduplication Storage Folder option in Backup Exec 2010 specifying the drive letter from the prior step.

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