Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely? message appears when clicking in the search button from OWA and using IE 8

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When the following scenarios occur, a pop up message appears when clicking on the search button from OWA and using IE 8 :

  • Using Internet Explorer 8 as web browser.
  • Accessing OWA through https like in, for example:
  • Enterprise Vault Web Application not configured to use https.
  • Clicking on the search archive button from OWA.

Error Message

 When the user clicks on the search archive button, they will receive as a response a dialog box with the following message:


IE 8 is trying to access an http resource (the enterprise vault search application), from a secure HTTPS page.
IE 8 interrupts the download and displays a confirmation dialog box when there is http content (mixed content) tried to be accessed from an https webpage.
In IE7 this caused not a major problem, as the user only had to click on the YES button to show the http resource but, in IE 8, the message that appears is somehow tricky and the users have to click the NO button if the http content wants to seen.


Most of the users instinctively click the YES button, causing the http resource not to load and make it appear that something it is not working in the Enterprise Vault search application when this is not the case.
There are 2 alternatives to resolve this:
Option 1:
 Implement https for the Enterprise Vault Web Application. See related tech notes for information about how to achieve this.
Option 2:
Disable in IE8 the warning that appears when an http resource it is trying to be accessed from http, proceed as follows:
1. From Internet Explorer 8, click on the Tools --> Internet Options --> Security Tab
2. Click on Local intranet button and once selected click on the Custom Level button.
3. Scroll down until you find the Miscellaneous section and ensure that the radio button "Display mixed content" it is Enable.
4. This will prevent any warning message to display when an http resource it is being accessed from an https webpage.

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