NetBackup 7 does not require entries in services or inetd.conf.

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NetBackup 7 does not require inetd/xinetd configuration and does not register with the Service Management Facility (SMF).


Starting with NetBackup 7.0 (Unix), the installation no longer creates entries in the inetd/xinetd configuration.  

The service name to port number mapping is not needed because the port numbers are registered with IANA and cannot be dynamic assigned.  The reverse mapping is not needed because the vnetd and bpcd processes run standalone and are no longer started by inetd, the vopied service has been deprecated, and the bpjava-msvc service is started by vnetd when the Java GUI is started.

The install_trace log will show the services being removed from the inetd configuration to prevent listener conflicts.  For example:

Installing NetBackup Enterprise Server version: 7.0
Removing bpcd from /etc/inetd.conf.
Removing vnetd from /etc/inetd.conf.
Removing bpjava-msvc from /etc/inetd.conf.
Removing vopied from /etc/inetd.conf.
Original /etc/inetd.conf saved as /etc/inetd.conf.NB_062210.13:05:20.
Sending SIGHUP to inetd process.

Prior to NetBackup 7.0, the NetBackup services would be registered and displayable through SMF on Solaris 10.

nbu65_host$ inetadm | egrep 'bpcd|vnetd|vopied|bpjava'
enabled   online         svc:/network/bpcd/tcp:default
enabled   online         svc:/network/vnetd/tcp:default
enabled   online         svc:/network/vopied/tcp:default
enabled   online         svc:/network/bpjava-msvc/tcp:default

But not after the upgrade.


nbu70_host$ inetadm | egrep 'bpcd|vnetd|vopied|bpjava'


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