How to remove an EV Server from a site

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There may come a time where decommissioning or removing of an EV Server from the environment would be a requirement. 


In order to remove the server from the EV site, follow the steps below to prepare the remove and to remove the EV site:
Before doing anything BACKUP ALL EV DATABASES!!
Symantec recommends regular backups of all EV, CA, and DA SQL databases. During backups, EV services must either be placed in read-only or backup mode or stopped, and the CA/DA Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager Service (EVAMS) or each Customer Background Task must be stopped. For steps on placing services in read-only/backup mode specific to the implemented EV version, please refer to the technote TECH172279 - Best Practices for Enterprise Vault Backup.
Step 1: Move all the existing Targets, Indexes, and Vault Stores to a new EV Server
There are several tech notes to assist with this and for convenience they have been listed here:
How to move the Index location to a different Enterprise Vault (EV) server in the same site.

How to move a Vault Store and Vault Store partition to a different Enterprise Vault (EV) server in the SAME site.
Move the Exchange Target to the new EV server
To do so just delete the current task and create a new task on the new EV Server. 
For FSA simply select a new Task in the Volume Properties tab. Choose new Tasks for Public Folders, Sharepoint, and Journaling. This can be done on the properties page of the respective targets.
Step 2: Remove all the task and services that remain
For any Tasks that remain simply stop them and right click and choose delete. For Public Folder tasks, Sharepoint tasks, Journaling tasks, and FSA tasks all the targets associated with them will have to be reassigned before they can be deleted.
For Services, make sure they are stopped and right click Services under the EV Server in the Vault Admin Console.
 The screen would appear like this.

Simply highlight the Service and choose remove.
An adjustment in SQL would be required if the services do not delete on the first try. 
For example, for Indexing put something in the Admin Note of the Index Service like "Delete Me" and close the Admin Console. 
Then open the IndexingServiceEntry table in SQL and set IndexingCanDelete = 1.
Putting the Admin note entry will allow easy identification of the service to be deleted.

Step 3: Delete the EV Server from the Vault Admin Console
To do this right click the EV Server and choose Delete. 






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