How to refresh the Virtual Machine cache list in NetBackup 7.0


How to refresh the Virtual Machine cache list in NetBackup 7.0



The Virtual Machines cache list must be updated whenever a new VM is added, or when an existing VM is renamed.

From NetBackup Administration Console:

1) Expand the Policies node.

2) Select the appropriate FlashBackup-Windows policy, then right-click and select Change.

3) Click the Clients tab.

4) Select the Browse and select Virtual Machine radio button.  This will read from the existing cache and display a Last Updated time.

5) Click the Refresh icon next to the Last Updated time.  This will update the Virtual Machine list.


To refresh the list via command line on a windows based VMware Backup Host:

1) Open a command line.

2) Change the working directory to <install_path>\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\ .

3) Run the following command to refresh the cache for VMware:

          bpVMutil.exe 0 1 _NONE_

    Or run the following command to refresh the cache for HyperV

          bpVMutil.exe 0 5 _NONE_

To refresh the list via command line on a Linux based VMware Backup Host:     

Run the following command: 

          /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpVMutil 0 1 _NONE_

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