How to refresh the Virtual Machine cache list in NetBackup 7.0

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How to refresh the Virtual Machine cache list in NetBackup 7.0



The Virtual Machines cache list must be updated whenever a new VM is added, or when an existing VM is renamed.

From NetBackup Administration Console:

1) Expand the Policies node.

2) Select the appropriate FlashBackup-Windows policy, then right-click and select Change.

3) Click the Clients tab.

4) Select the Browse and select Virtual Machine radio button.  This will read from the existing cache and display a Last Updated time.

5) Click the Refresh icon next to the Last Updated time.  This will update the Virtual Machine list.


To refresh the list via command line on a windows based VMware Backup Host:

1) Open a command line.

2) Change the working directory to <install_path>\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\ .

3) Run the following command to refresh the cache for VMware:

          bpVMutil.exe 0 1 _NONE_

    Or run the following command to refresh the cache for HyperV

          bpVMutil.exe 0 5 _NONE_

To refresh the list via command line on a Linux based VMware Backup Host:     

Run the following command: 

          /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpVMutil 0 1 _NONE_

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