Backups to Deduplication storage fail with Error: 0xe00084ec - A backup storage read/write error has occurred.

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Backups to Deduplication storage fail with Error: 0xe00084ec - A backup storage read/write error has occurred.

Error Message

Final error: 0xe00084ec - A backup storage read/write error has occurred.


The causes can be varied :

1) The remote agent service on the remote server loosing connection with the Deduplication services on Backup Exec Server
2) This error can also be caused if there is some internal corruption in Deduplication folder.


To fix or isolate the issue, try the following the steps:

1. Ensure there is free space to write to the Deduplication Storage Folder.

2. Run an Inventory on the deduplication folder. If there are any errors seen with some media it is better to run a manual verify on those backup set to confirm the backup
set contained in those media is fine and restorable. If the manual verify fails it is important to check if the backup was successfully completed with verify.
3. Perform a disk-based backup (B2D or backup to disk) or tape drive to eliminate the deduplication folder from the equation.

4. If Backup Job is running with the Client Side Deduplication, then change to server side deduplication and test the backup. If Backup works with server side deduplication
there is a possibility that a connection drop is taking place between the backup exec remote agent service on the client and backup exec deduplication services.
5.If the remote servers are located behind a firewall..the following articles explain how to proceed  and which port to open (000029930 and  000032339).

6.Intermediate devices, like routers or firewalls, could be closing tcp connections that stay  idle for some time. In this case the configuration of  those devices has to be modified to reflect a  sensible value for the "tcp idle timeout" parameter.
Note : It is recommended to be on the latest Backup Exec version. Also ensure the Backup Exec software is patches with latest updates.
Please review the Hardware and Software Compatibility List before upgrading to the latest Backup Exec version.


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