Push install of a Backup Exec Remote Agent hangs at 50% without a status message needing to be manually canceled from an in-place upgrade installed Backup Exec 2010 media server.

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When attempting to perform a push install of a Backup Exec Remote Agent from a media server that has been recently upgraded to Backup Exec 2010 , the install hangs at 50% without a status message and needs to be manually cancelled.

Error Message

<Remote_agent>_Push.log shows the following error:
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->Starting Install: VxPushRA\RAWS32\strpimon.exe /k "SOFTWARE\Symantec\SymcInstall" /i "setup.exe /ADVRT:<MEDIA_SERVER>; /DEST:C:\Program Files\SYMANTEC\BACKUP EXEC\RAWS /S: "
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->Creating process: C:\BEW-7968e677241b43cfaa300627e4cb9fe6\VxPushRA\RAWS32\strpimon.exe /k "SOFTWARE\Symantec\SymcInstall" /i "setup.exe /ADVRT: <MEDIA_SERVER>; /DEST:C:\Program Files\SYMANTEC\BACKUP EXEC\RAWS /S: "
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->CreateProcess: nPID:5020, Return:0
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->Checking process status: 5020
The following section repeats within the push log till the installation attempt is canceled:
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->Getting process: 5020
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->Executing WMI query: select Name from Win32_Process where ProcessId='5020'
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->ERROR retrieving registry string: 2147483650, SOFTWARE\Symantec\SymcInstall, Action Data
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->ERROR: Win32: 2
01:(05/10/10 09:10:48)->ERROR: Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Symantec.IFrameSDK.NetPush.WMIMethods.GetRegistryDWORD(ManagementScope&oScope, UInt32 nHive, String strKey, String strValue, UInt32&nVal)
It may be noted that on the remote client system's task manager the Process ID (i.e. PID) is the same as the nPID value within the pushes log.
On the remote client system the <remote_agent>-strpimon.log shows multiple instances of the following
Strpimon Started.
Current directory: C:\BEW-<GUID>\VxPushRA\RAWS32
Windows Directory: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Backup Exec\Logs
checking the arguments
passed the /k switch
/k switch params: SOFTWARE\Symantec\SymcInstall
Could not remove the Status Reg entry.
passed the /i switch
Parameter count passed.
Also seen error during push install of RAWS "Failed with error code 1603. Right click on the computer to view logs for more information" 
Found the following in BE Push logs :-
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->Starting Install: 
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->Creating process: 
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->CreateProcess: nPID:17164, Return:0
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->Checking process status: 17164
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->Getting process: 17164
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->Executing WMI query: select Name from Win32_Process where ProcessId='17164'
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->ERROR Error reading remote registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\SymcInstall\Action Data
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->ERROR: Win32: -1
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->ERROR Error reading remote registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\SymcInstall\Total Percent Done
06:(09/20/12 11:43:13)->ERROR: Win32: -1
06:(09/20/12 11:43:14)->Checking process status: 17164
06:(09/20/12 11:43:14)->Getting process: 17164
06:(09/20/12 11:43:14)->Executing WMI query: select Name from Win32_Process where ProcessId='17164'
06:(09/20/12 11:43:14)->Cleaning up push install...
06:(09/20/12 11:43:15)->ERROR Error deleting file: \\<server name>\BEW-93d4e767c71a449a886e367a918251db with error: Access to the path '\\<Server name>\BEW-93d4e767c71a449a886e367a918251db' is denied.
06:(09/20/12 11:43:15)->ERROR: Win32: -1
06:(09/20/12 11:43:15)->Removing map to remote install directory...


Currently it is suspected that the RAWS32 and RAWSx64 content was not properly updated from the previous version to Backup Exec 2010.


Workaround 1:
  1. Stop Backup Exec Services on the Backup Exec 2010 media server.
  2. Rename the RAWS32 and RAWSx64 subfolders to *_old located in the \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Agents sub-folder.
  3. Run a repair install of Backup Exec through Windows Add &Remove programs.
  4. Once repair install completes, reboot then attempt a push install to a client that has failed its install from this media server.
Workaround 2:
  1. If the Customer has the Backup Exec installation DVD.
  2. Insert the DVD, Share the Drive.
  3. Access the DVD Drive from Remote location 
  4. Run the Browser.exe to run the local install for Backup exec Remote Agent.
  5. Once the installation completes, Open services console and Restart the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service.
   Also, manual install of the remote agent installs successfully.
  • Scenario where getting error  "Failed with error code 1603. Right click on the computer to view logs for more information" :


Delete "STATUS_CODE"=dword:00000643(1603) key which is under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\SymcInstall]
Try pushing remote agent again, it should allow to install or update the latest hot fixes.


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