List of DTrace processes and descriptions of each process responsibility.

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Below is a list of DTrace processes and descriptions of each process responsibility. (Updated up to Enterprise Vault (EV) 11.0)


This list is to provide additional information for most processes available to Dtrace when troubleshooting functions and errors in Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV).

Note: The below list are references for processes available in EV 11.0 and previous versions.

EV Server:

Process Description
Admin Service EV Admin Service (Check for Disk Space and Memory Usage)
AgentClientBroker Interface between clients and server as well as Sync one mailbox. (Manual Requests [A2])
ArchivePoints Activity when running Archivepoints applet (archivepoints.exe) - FSA Archiving
ArchiveService\ArchiveTask Mailbox archiving, sync etc. (Processes mailbox and user requests)
AuditViewer When running the audit viewer applet (auditviewer.exe)
AuthServer Permission Checks when archiving and restoring.
AutoExchangeItems* Legacy (Not available in EV 8.0)
BootStrapper EV Powershell Snapin (EV 8.0)
CenteraPing Centera Ping utility (Centeraping.exe)
CenteraVerify Centera Verify utility (CenteraVerify.exe)
Configuration Pending
ConvertSvc Used to convert Services into Tasks when upgrading to EV 6.0.
CustomRulesWrapper Works with Custom Filters.
DeDuplicationCache COM Deduplication Cache Component
Deployment_Scanner Records the running of Deployment Scanner.
DirectoryService Manages requests for information to the directory database.
DVSSpy DVSSpy utility
DSSBroker Discovery Search Service Broker for Clearwell eDiscovery
EVArchivingReportGenerator Used during Exchange Mailbox Archiving to Generate Report
EvAzUtil Roles Based Administration (RBA) Configuration
EVClientAccessPolicySyncTask EV11 - Client Access Provisioning task for Enterprise Vault Search.
EVConverterSandbox Document conversion
EvConvertNT4Placeholders Run to convert NT4 placeholders to Windows 2000 reparse point style placeholders
EVDatabaseUpgrader EV Database Upgrader Utility
EVDominoExchangeMigration The main source for the EV Domino to Exchange migration tool
EVDominoExporter Exports savesets to a Lotus Notes database.
EVDominoRetentionPlans Command-line tool for saving retention plan configuration to the Directory DB
EVDuplicateCleaner EV Duplicate Cleaner
EVEARemovalUtility A command line utility that removes Extended Attributes from files (FSA)
EventFilterController Event Log Filter controller
EvExchangePolicySyncTask EV Exchange Provisioning Task
EVExchangeWebServicesProxy Used with EV Web Services Proxy
EvFileArcSvr\EvFsaArchivingTask FSA Archive Task
EvFilePrnSvr\EvFsaPruningTask FSA Pruning Process
EVFileSvrArcMngr Used for restore, folder policy assignment and "perfmon" counter collection.
EvFsaBackupMode Command line utility for setting the EV Placeholder Service into/out of backup mode
EvFsaCelerraDelOnDelTask Used when utilizing the Delete on Delete Function on a Celerra Device
EvFileSyncSvr\EvFsaSyncTask FSA Synchronization process.
EVLotusDominoArchivingTask Mailbox Archiving Task for Lotus Domino
EVLotusDominoJournalTask Journal Archiving Task for Lotus Domino
EVLotusDominoPolicySyncTask Mailbox Provisioning Task for Lotus Domino
EVLotusDominoProfileDocTool Command-line tool for viewing/zapping the profile document in a Domino mailbox
EVMDSBuildTask Metadata Store Build Task. Used with IMAP and fast browsing
EVMonitoring Used to monitor Vault Stores information for EVOM
EVMoveArchiveTask Used for the Move Archive Process.
EvNetAppPHSvr Local FSA Agent for remote NetApp filer.
EVPM EVPM script activity.(Enterprise Vault Policy Manager)
EVRights Use EVrights.exe to grant user rights to users and groups from a command line or batch file
EVRunDll Used during running of EV Configuration Wizard.
EVservice Used for startup and shutdown of services in scripts.
EVSPSArcSvr\EvSharePointArchiveTask Sharepoint Archive Task functions
EVSPSArcSvc Sharepoint Archive Service functions
EVStgFileMngr Storage File Manager Shell is the root process that manages all sub processes and threads
EVStgOfflineOpns Storage Offline Operations (Works with MigratorServer)
EVStorageQueueBroker Responsible for allocating the work to the Storage Archive processes
EVTelemetry Responsible for collecting and reporting telemetry data
evsvr Current activity of EVSVR utility (EVSVR.exe)
ExportRetentionCategories Utility related to Data Classification Service (DCS)
EVSystemInfo* Legacy : Appears to have been replaced by Deployment Scanner Process (File gathering utility)
EVTaskGuardian Controls the Tasks, starts tasks per schedule.
EVUpdatePlaceholderFormat Repairs the placeholders to reflect the original size, not 0KB.
ExportArchiveWizard Exports archives from within the Administration Console
ForceMonitoringUtil ForceMonitoringUtil Application forces Monitoring to run on an EV Server
FSAReportingConfigUtility FSA Reporting Config Utility activity
FSAReportingService FSA Reporting Scanning activity
FSAReportingUtility FSA Reporting Scanning activity
FSAReportingWebServiceConfig Configures the FSA Reporting Web Services
FSARunNow FSARunNow Utility (FSARunNow.exe)
FSASummaryMigrator FSA update utility
FSAUndelete FSA Undelete utility. See HOWTO57575 for details
FSAUtility FSAUtility application (FSAUtility.exe)
IMAPNotificationEmailViewer IMAP notification email viewer utility
IMAPServer IMAP server process
IndexBroker Manages the IndexServer processes, finds and mounts Index Volumes needed for processing
IndexCheck IndexCheck utility (Indexcheck.exe)
IndexServer Deals with adding, deleting and searching for items from Alta Vista indexes
inetinfo IIS Admin Service Helper (Not usually needed to be Dtraced)
JournalMailboxManager Gets details of the Journal Mailboxes with Monitoring Web App.
JournalService\JournalTask Journal Archiving Task operations
MigratorServer Server-Side PST Migrations and Content Cache (Vault Cache) activity on server
mmc Main EV administration console.
Monitoring Agent Operations Manager Monitoring Agent which gathers EV Server information for EVOM
MonitoringConfigUtility Used to install and upgrade the EnterpriseVaultMonitoring Database
MonitoringMiddleTier How EVOM Web App communicates with the EVOM database (Integration of EVOM & Reporting)
MonitoringWebAppConfig EVOM Webapp Configuration
NSFMigrator NSF Mail Migrator (Import)
NSFMigratorServer Collects all the setting details required for migrating NSF files.
NTFSCenteraMigrator When using NTFS to Centera Migration process.
openssl openSSL interactions.
PermissionsBrowser Permissions Browser applet (Permissionsbrowser.exe)
PstCollectorTask PST Collector Task activity
PSTLocatorTask PST Locator Task activity
PSTMigrator This is the wizard UI it is NOT actually migrating the items.
PSTMigratorTask Client-Side PST Migrator Task activity
PublicFolderService\PublicFolderTask Public Folder archiving
RetrievalService\RetrievalTask Retrieval of items into mailbox (not viewing of items)
RtnFolder Retention Folder CLI
ShoppingService Adding/removing/updating Shopping Baskets
SiteMan Monitoring Configuration Utility
StorageArchive Storing of archive items onto disk.
StorageCrawler Replacement for StorageReplayIndex. Used during reindexing
Storage Delete Deletion of items as well as NTFS To Centera Migration
StorageFileWatch Post processing of items(into shortcuts) as well as collections (CAB and Centera)
StorageManagement Overall Management of Storage for creation of Vault Stores and Partitions
StorageOnlineOpns Viewing of archived items, Simple API
StorageReplayIndex* Legacy - Used during reindexing
StorageRestore The storage side of retrieving items so this gets the item from disk to pass to retrieval service.
StorageServer Controls the Storage Service
TaskController Called by TaskGuardian to start Task processing (Task Controller Service)
VaultConfiguration Configuration Wizard used when configuring EV
w3wp IIS activity
+ All other Executables

Accelerators (Compliance Accelerator[CA]\Discovery Accelerator [DA]):

Process Description Product
AcceleratorManager Manages and Launches the AcceleratorService.exe CA, DA
AcceleratorService Process to control Remoting capabilities and control all Customer processing CA, DA
ADSynchroniser Synchronizes user information from Active Directory or Lotus Domino CA, DA
AnalyticsConversationAnalyserTask Controls the Discovery Accelerator Analytics Conversation Analysis processing DA
AnalyticsIngesterTask Controls the Discovery Accelerator Analytics ingestion processing DA
AnalyticsServerApp Controls the Discovery Accelerator Analytics capability DA

File Server with File System Archiving Agent (FSA):

Process Description
EvPlaceholderService FSA Placeholder services, called to created placeholders as well as when they are viewed.
FileScreenService FSA File Blocking services, called to block files according to policy

EV Reporting:

Process Description
EVDeployReports The configuration utility that deploys EV Reports to the SQL Reporting installation
ReportingServicesService Renders the EVReports on SQL 2008, prior versions of SQL rely on the w3wp process

Client workstation with the EV Client Add-on:

Process Description
ResetEVClient Performs a number of housekeeping tasks in an attempt to fix common client problems

Enterprise Vault 10.0 64-bit Indexing:

For Dtracing EV 10.0 Indexing components, see for further details.

Process Description
EVIndexAdminService EV Indexing Admin Service - See HOWTO56312
EVIndexMoveTask Process for Moving an Index (Changing location)
EVIndexQueryServer Process interacting with 64 Bit Indexing Engine for searching
EVIndexVerifyTask Process when performing a Verify on an Index 
EVIndexVolumesProcessor Responsible for pushing items to 64 Bit Indexing Engine 

EV Storage Queue (Storage Safety Copy):

For Dtracing EV 11.0 Storage Queue, it is required to to enable the following:


Note: Additional processes may be added or current processes may be changed with newer versions of Enterprise Vault so this list may not be complete.





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