Archive Explorer opens with a 30 second delay when opening from within Microsoft Outlook the first time. All subsequent calls are successful and fast.

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After Microsoft Outlook is opened, there is a 30 second delay when opening Archive Explorer for the first time. All subsequent calls to Archive Explorer in the same Outlook session are successful and open quickly; only the initial connection has the delay.

This issue has been seen in Terminal Services and Citrix environments.

Error Message

No specific error is displayed to the end user


1. Start Microsoft Outlook
2. Ensure that the Enterprise Vault Client logging is set to Maximum tracing
3. Restart Microsoft Outlook if the logging level in Step 2 was changed
4. Click on either Archive Explorer or Integrated Search
5. Open the Client log and search for this text: pCmdBars->Count

This article applies only if there is a delay after the above line. For example, a 30 second delay would show as follows in the client trace:

06/04/2010 20:40:08.493[1148]: pCmdBars->Count = 23
06/04/2010 20:40:38.965[1148]: Our control was created


Workarounds Available

1. Make the user a local administrator of the client
2. Start the Telephony Service
3. Change the Enterprise Vault policy setting Launch Archive Explorer or Search behavior to Separate Browser

(Any one of the above workarounds should be sufficient to resolve the issue. It is not necessary to implement more than one.)

Permanent Fix
To permanently fix this issue, permissions need to be assigned to the Telephony Service. It is recommended that this be achieved via Group Policy. For Example:
1. Create a Group Policy called AEDelay
2. Go to the setting - Computer Configuration - Windows Settings - Security Settings - System Services
3. Find the Telephony Service and double click on it.
4. Click Define this policy setting
5. If the services is not requires you can disable it at this stage
6. Click on Edit Security
7. Change INTERACTIVE from Read to Full Control
8. Click Apply
9. Either run gpupdate /force or wait for the GPO to be automatically applied
10. Test the client to ensure the delay is no longer experienced

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